PICNICS program

Parents Involvement with Children Nurturing Intellectual Curiosity in Science (PICNICS)  

Bowling Green State University

A program designed to expose high school students to Research in the Chemical Sciences and stimulate their interest in science and math.

This is a program from the Center for Photochemical Sciences, the Department of Chemistry and College of Arts and Sciences. The program was initiated with funding from NSF to Prof. Jayaraman Sivaguru (CAREER CHE-0748525, CHE- 1213880, CHE-1465075; CHE-1811795, CHE-1955524)

If you have any questions, please email Professor Jayaraman Sivaguru at sivagj@bgsu.edu.

PICNICS Informational Flyer PDF

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Tentative Program Dates: TBD

Before submitting your application, please check to be certain that the following are included:  

  • Your form is completed
  • Your high school transcript is included
  • Your most recent standardized-exam scores are included
  • Recommendation contact information is included from a Math or Science teacher
    • Be sure to provide your recommender with the following information to complete your form: www.bgsu.edu/picnicslor

Open to students from the following participating schools: 

  • Bowling Green High School
  • Eastwood High School
  • Fremont Ross High School
  • North Royalton High School
  • Ottawa Hills High School
  • Perrysburg High School
  • Springfield High School
  • Sylvania Northview High School
  • Sylvania Southview High School

*If students are interested from another school not listed above, please contact Prof. Jayaraman Sivaguru by email sivagj@bgsu.edu

The program gives preference to  juniors/rising seniors.  But seniors (on the way to college) as well as sophomores are welcome to apply and they will be accommodated (depending on availability of research slots)
School Contact ROLE EMAIL
Bowling Green HS Daniel Black Principal dtblack@bgcs.k12.oh.us
Bowling Green HS Laura Buxton Chemistry


Eastwood HS Jim Kieper Principal jkieper@eastwoodschools.org
Eastwood HS Cale Hover Chemistry chover@eastwoodschools.org
Fremont Ross  HS Brian Zeller Principal zellerb@fremontschools.net
Fremont Ross  HS Robert Chevalier Asst principal chevalierr@fremontschools.net
Fremont Ross  HS Michelle Lajti
Chemistry/Physics teacher lajtim@fremontschools.net
Fremont Ross  HS Jeff Wright Science teacher wrightj@fremontschools.net
Northview HS Andy Roth Chemistry Treacher  aroth@sylvaniaschools.org
Ottawa Hills HS Ben McMurray Principal BMcMurray@ohschools.org
Ottawa Hills HS William D. Miller Director of Curriculum and Instruction WMiller@ohschools.org
Ottawa Hills HS Jennifer Nagy College Guidance Counselor jnagy@ohschools.org
Ottawa Hills HS
Dr. Gloria Kreischer Gajewicz Chemistry gkg@ohschools.org
Perrysburg HS Kim Layden Chemistry Teacher klayden@perrysburgschools.net
Springfield HS Stephanie Mahoney Science teacher and dept chair StephanieMahoney@springfield-schools.org


PICNICS Past Participants

Name School Advisor Mentor Project
Emmaline Louis Sylvania Northview High School Prof. Sivaguru Aakriti Kushwaha Evaluating [2 + 4] Photocycloaddition   of Maleimides
Elyssa Belden Freemont Ross High School Prof. Forbes Sarvar Rakhimov Topology of Spin Polarization   Transfer Processes
Jessica Summers North Royalton High School Prof. Tan Raunak Jahan PD-L1 Protein Expression in E.coli   And Human Cell lines for Cancer Immunotherapy Research
Anneysha Bahar Ottawa Hills High School Prof. Tarnovsky Laura Marie Obloy The Effects of Different Solvents on   the Photodynamics of a Streptopolymethine Dye
Samuel Challu Bowling Green High School Prof. Furgal Kyle David Hallowell Meat Tenderizer VS Bioclean;   microplastic experiment
Ashley Knowlton Bowling Green High School Prof. Sun Adam Jacob Roach Investigation of PbS core with   Perovskite shell
Kunjal Raskar Ottawa Hills High School Prof. Anzenbacher Austin Ray Sartori, Sandra Mariya   George Synthesizing a Library of   Chromophores for Sensing Applications
Name School Advisor Mentor Project
Niharika Mallik Bowling Green High School Prof. Sivaguru Sruthy Baburaj Utilizing Novel Photocatalyst for   [4+2] Photodimerization
Mary Musteric Eastwood High School Prof. Anzenbacher Austin Sartori Multistep Synthesis   of Hexaphenylbenzene
Abigail   Rothenbuhler Eastwood High School Prof. Sun Adam Roach Thermal Annealing For   Higher Optical Efficiency Nanomaterials
Alexander   Hineline Fremont Ross High   School Prof. Furgal Mahmud Rashed A Safer Alternative   to Insecticide
Harini Dev International Academy   East Prof. Tarnovsky Laura Obloy Investigating the   Photophysical Properties of Uracil
James Xiao Perrysburg High   School Prof. Forbes Sarvar Rakhimov Utilizing EPR to   Detect Intermediate Radicals
Jenna Wang Phillips Exeter   Academy Prof. Tan Siddhartha Thennakoon Synthesis of a Cyclic   Peptide for Cancer Immunotherapy Research
Student name Advisor Title
Mubashshir Ra’eed Bhuiyan Prof. Alexandar Tarnovsky Light Spectroscopy of a Bismuth Iodide Complex
Alexander Mian Prof. J. Sivaguru Novel Photocatalyst for [4+2] Cycloaddition 
Jewell Shropshire Prof. Malcolm Forbes Synthesis of a Biradical Spin Probe 
Arthur Chen Prof. Xiaohong Tan Recombinant Cancer protein (PDL1) expression and purification in E. Coli. cells
Tarun Paramasamy Prof. J. Sivaguru Visible light mediated photocatalytic [2+2] cycloaddition
Mariah Hahn  Prof. Joseph Furgal Porous Polysiloxane Material as Bug Desiccants 
Joey Hover Prof. J. Sivaguru New Excited State reactivity of Enaminones for accessing Marmycin core

Student name

High school



Josh Egnatuk 


Prof. Forbes 

EPR Studies of Drying and Curing of Latex Paint Films

Ramya Talla 

Ottawa Hills 

Prof. Wilson 

Investigation of Photoinduced and Thermal DNA Damaging Agents Containing Pyridinium 

Olivia Thomas 


Prof. Furgal

Porous Materials as Bug Desiccants 

Tressa Greiner 

Bowling Green 

Prof. Furgal

Synthesizing T10, a Silica Cage 

Danielle Sun

Ottawa Hills

Prof. Sivaguru 

Light Induced Cycloaddition Reaction Between Alkenes 

Dylan Kroggel 

Bowling Green 

Prof. Sun 

Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal PbS Nanosheets 

Ashton Hill 


Prof. Selim

Defects in Metals and Wide Band-gap Materials 

Raisha Patel 

Ottawa Hills 

Prof. Sivaguru 

Light As a Reagent for Synthesis of Cyclobutanes 




Gage Koenig


Prof. Marshall Wilson

Emily Cajka


Prof. Pavel Anzenbacher

Alex Herr


Prof. Alexis Ostrowski

Connor R. McHugh

Bowling Green

Prof. Pavel Anzenbacher

Nathan C Hershberger

Bowling Green

Prof. Joseph Furgal

Henry D. Griffin

Ottawa Hills

Prof. Malcolm

Eli Zinck

Ottawa Hills

Prof. Sivaguru

Abigail Zeller


Prof. Sivaguru

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