OPERS Re-employed Retiree Notification

OPERS Personal History Record

This form must be submitted to OPERS within the first month (30 days) after a student’s employment. It must be approved by OPERS and returned to the employer. This exemption is only available to a student employee working for the public school, college or university in which the student is enrolled and attending. This exemption remains valid as long as the student continues to be employed by and attending (except during scheduled breaks in classes) the school which certifies this form. If the student continues to work during an extended break (i.e. summer or other term) and is not enrolled in classes, the student must begin making contributions to OPERS on the student’s earnable salary. If the student resigns from working for the school certifying this form and begins attending and working for the same or another public school, college or university in Ohio, the student must file a new exemption. If the student does not meet these requirements, the student must become a member of OPERS. If the student later becomes a member of OPERS, the student may be eligible to purchase this exempt service (Ohio Revised Code Section 145.28).

Students that enrolled in less than 6 credit hours for a semester while working on campus will have OPERS deducted from their paycheck.  This also applies to graduate students enrolled in less than 4 credit hours.

The money contributed to OPERS can be refunded once your time at the university has been completed and your employment has been terminated.  For more details about refunds, click the following link.

OPERS Refund Information

SSA 1945 Form

Updated: 12/19/2022 04:47PM