Time & Labor

Self-Service Time and Labor began to be implemented at BGSU in October 2010.  Self-Service Time and Labor will eventually be the system used by all employees to record their leave reporting.   

Self-Service Time and Labor is a system that will allow BGSU employees to log into MyBGSU in order to submit an electronic timesheet via the PeopleSoft Time and Labor module.  Time reporting using this electronic timesheet is then moved on electronically for appropriate approvals and processing.

Classified employees will complete time reporting on a bi-weekly basis and administrative employees will submit their report on a monthly basis using MyBGSU.  Once submitted, these electronically submitted timesheets are available for review and approval by the employee’s supervisor.

Following approval of the employee’s reporting time by their supervisor, the electronic timesheet is moved on to the Payroll Office for processing. 

  • the current manual timesheet process is costly
    • a recent audit determined that it costs the University no less than $75,000 annually to process manual timesheets
  • the current manual timesheet process is inefficient
    • time is spent by supervisors “chasing down” manual timesheets
    • the current system lends itself to employees being paid incorrectly - either due to late timesheets or misinterpretation of what is on the timesheet
    • currently it is possible for a supervisor to alter an employees timesheet with no communication going back to the employee
    • with the current system employees do not have easy access to a copy of their submitted timesheet
    • manual calculations are used to track leave balances
    • time is manually keyed into the system by Payroll personnel
  • the current manual timesheet process does not comply with the Print Responsibly initiative
    • currently 44,000 sheets of paper (88 reams or 9 boxes) are used annually for the initial printing of timesheets for distribution to departments
  • The ability to access and enter time reporting using any web browser
  • The ability to view up-to-date (“real-time”) schedules and time accumulation
  • The ability to process timesheets in a more efficient manner by all involved with the process
  • The ability to eliminate the printing of timesheets for manual processing

Yes, training will be available for employees regarding Self-Service Time and Labor.  Employees in each area will be contacted by email with details regarding the training they are required to complete.  The training requirements will vary by role and by the department.

Training will be offered for each Self-Service Time and Labor role.  These roles include: 

  • Time Administrator
  • Time and Labor Supervisor
  • Time and Labor Time Reporter

Training will be offered through classroom training sessions led by project team members. 

  • The Time Administrator and all Time and Labor Supervisors for each department are required to attend a classroom training session. 
  • Time and Labor Reporters who have been identified as reporting a high number of exceptions on timesheets will be required to attend a training session. 
  • All employees required to complete training will receive an email message detailing the training they are required to complete.

Updated: 12/02/2017 01:27AM