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Welcome to Bowling Green State University's Fall Orientation Video Hub! We are delighted to welcome all new students and their families as they prepare for an enriching journey at our Bowling Green campus. As the upcoming semester approaches, we understand the mix of emotions that comes with starting college, and we are here to ensure a smooth transition into campus life.

This page has been thoughtfully curated to provide valuable resources and support, helping you to refresh your knowledge on essential topics and empowering families to play an active role in their students' college experience.

Whether you've already attended in-person or virutal orientation, or are just getting started, our resource videos are designed to guide and assist you in making the most of your time at BGSU.

As the Office of Orientation and Transitions, let us be your trusted companion as you begin this transformative adventure, and together, we will pave the way for an exceptional academic year!

Video Library

What you will learn:

During this information-packed session, we will cover the most important billing and financial aid details you need to know.

  • Students and student supporters who did not attend the financial session during in-person Orientation 
  • Student supporters who attended the session and want an information-refresher.

What you will learn:

In this five-minute video, you will learn everything you need to know to make sure your belly is always satisfied when you are on campus.

  • Chapter 1: What does BGSU Dining offer?
  • Chapter 2: Choosing the right meal plan
  • Chapter 3: Meal plan options and dining locations
  • Chapter 4: Learn about what you're eating
  • Chapter 5: Work at BGSU Dining

  • All students who want to eat while they are on campus!
  • Student supporters who are curious about the dining options, and want to assist their student with their meal plan selection. 
  • If you need to make a change to an existing meal plan before the semester begins, you can use the online change form.
  • Residential students select their meal plan during the room selection process through their Housing and Meal Plan application in MyBGSU. 
  • Visit bgsu.edu/dining for additional information about BGSU Dining
  • If you have questions, text to 216-868-4424 or call 419-372-2891

Updated: 06/18/2024 10:42AM