Required Orientation Modules

These required online modules are part of BGSU's multi-step orientation process and complement what you learn and experience during your University Orientation day.  

Two module series need to be completed before the first day of the semester – Community of Care and First-Year Falcon. In these required series, you will find a total of seven modules that will teach you more about the BGSU community, help you discover resources and prepare you for success in and out of the classroom. 

Due: Sunday, Aug. 21


You will not be eligible to join a student organization until these modules are complete.

An email will be sent to first-year student's BGSU accounts when the modules have been assigned in mid-July and additional reminders will be sent until each module has been completed. 

Community of Care Modules

You need to complete two modules in this series in order to fulfill this requirement:

  1. Voices for Change - Comprehensive
  2. Mental Well-Being
Complete the Community of Care Modules
  • The Voices for Change - Comprehensive module includes education on alcohol and other drug prevention, consent and sexual violence prevention, bystander intervention, hazing and bullying, as well as diversity and inclusion. 
  • The Mental Well-being module encourages you to use critical reflection to shift your perceptions about mental illness, healthy and unhealthy habits, as well as information about behaviors, prevention and intervention.
  • Log in to the BGSU Bridge Portal with your BGSU username and password.
  • On the portal homepage, you will see the module tiles listed for "Voices for Change - Comprehensive" and "Mental Well-Being." You will need to click on each of the tiles and complete the modules individually.

The Community of Care module series is supported by the Dean of Students office and available to assist you between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at 419-372-2843 or

First-Year Falcon Modules

You need to complete five modules in this series in order to fulfill this requirement:

  1. Academics and Career
  2. Purpose and Passion
  3. Connections
  4. Health and Well-being
  5. Campus Resources and Support
Complete the First-Year Falcon Modules

These five modules will serve as a tool to connect you with campus resources and equip you with the knowledge that will help you smoothly transition to life as a BGSU student.

Each module was intentionally designed to prepare you for your first semester at BGSU, so take your time through the material. You will also have access to these modules and videos throughout the first semester, so we hope you will continue to refer to them as a resource.

  • Go to the online orientation portal > Student Login > Log in with your BGSU username and password.
  • Once you are logged in, the system will go over additional steps for you to review.
  • It will take approximately one hour to complete all five modules.
  • The modules are completely mobile-friendly and all videos are closed captioned. There is also no software or downloads needed to participate. 
  • You can complete the online modules in several sessions, but you must complete one full module to save your progress. 

The First-Year Falcon module series is supported by the University Orientation department and available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at 419-372-0353 or

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