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BioBlitz BG will be held at Wintergarden Park and teaches participants how to observe nature and be active citizen scientists to help preserve local natural habitats. During this event, students will document as many living organisms (both plants and animals) encountered in the Wintergarden Park prairie.The event will culminate with a recorded tally of all the organisms the students encountered during the BioBlitz. The student-collected data will then be uploaded to the iNaturalist platform, a learning application dedicated to citizen science and inquiry-based discoveries in nature that is useful for scientific data collection and conservation.

Students will also participate in the GLOBE (Global Learning and Observation of the Environment) Program by observing clouds and measuring air, surface, and soil temperatures in order to compare prairie to other surrounding habitats. This data will be uploaded to the GLOBE Program database and shared with scientists who use GLOBE data to better monitor our earth. Students will also build their own bee house at Bioblitz BG, providing native bees with a home to enhance pollination in our natural habitats.

The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium's Project Prairie program has intalled roughly 20 school prairies around the region and created prairie curriculum and professional development for K-8th grade teachers. The goal of Project Prairie is to teach students the importance of prairie preservation in northwest Ohio through inquiry-based, outdoor learning. Bioblitz BG is part of a larger bioblitz event taking place the week of September 20th at the other zoo prairie schools.

Written instructions for Bee Home Activity

Sponsored by NWO, BGSU College of Education and Human Development, the Toledo Zoo, Bowling Green City Parks, and the Lubrizol Corporation.

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