BGSU Police Department becomes the first university agency in northwestern Ohio to earn CALEA accreditation

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – Furthering its commitment to providing a safe learning community, the Bowling Green State University Police Department recently earned full accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies or CALEA. The department is the only accredited college or university affiliated agency in northwestern Ohio, highlighting a dedication to professional conduct and compliance by officers, detectives and dispatchers.

Considered the gold standard for law enforcement accreditation, CALEA certification aims to improve the delivery and offering of public safety services by maintaining a body of professional standards that guide the administration of accredited programs.

"This accreditation elevates the BGSU Police Department above its peers in terms of standards and practice," Chief Mike Campbell of the BGSU Police Department said. "CALEA accreditation is not easy to earn as it represents the highest level of professional law enforcement standards. This recognition only furthers our dedication to providing quality, community-focused service that's both transparent and accountable."

To achieve accreditation, the department was required to meet 183 pre-determined standards established by CALEA. The rigorous certification process included a remote evaluation of department standards, a campus visit by a CALEA assessor and a thorough review of BGSU Police policies and standards. The assessments were conducted by a neutral third party to ensure proper compliance with all standards.

"From officers to dispatchers, everyone in the BGSU Police Department has dedicated countless hours of time and effort developing and maintaining sound operating practices that translate into excellent service for our learning community," Campbell said. "While we hold ourselves to high standards, CALEA accreditation raises the bar, ensuring that no matter the situation, our agency will respond professionally."

The department is fully accredited for the next four years and will be subject to annual reviews to ensure continued compliance with standards. Campbell said the accreditation solidifies the University's dedication to fostering a secure learning and work environment.

"At BGSU, we strive to provide the best possible safety services for students, faculty and staff and continually seek ways to improve," Campbell said. "With principles rooted in community relationship-building, this accreditation advances our commitment to supporting a sense of security throughout campus and offering positive, collaborative solutions to community concerns."

The BGSU Police Department's accreditation also aligns its operating standards with the Bowling Green Police Division, furthering cooperation and collaboration between the two. Both agencies routinely work together through mutual aid agreements.

While earning CALEA accreditation is an important milestone for BGSU Police, Campbell said the work is far from over as the department will continually pursue new, innovative ways to improve its operations.

"We are always looking for new and continuing educational opportunities to bolster our service to the learning community," Campbell said. "Operating standards and practices are ever evolving and earning CALEA accreditation means our department will be at the forefront of adopting and adhering to the best policing policies through annual reviews and other assessment measures."

Updated: 01/23/2024 10:48AM