'BG Ideas' podcast looks at national issues with local relevance

By Strati Moustakeas

The Institute for the Study of Culture and Society (ICS) and the School of Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University have introduced a new podcast, "BG Ideas." In each episode, the host, Dr. Jolie Sheffer, director of ICS, talks with academics, artists, activists and other professionals about their work in the humanities on national issues with local relevance.

"With this podcast, we hope to help listeners learn more about the amazing work being done in and around the University to help address social and cultural problems," Sheffer said. "Each guest brings unique expertise to the conversation, allowing us to share this knowledge with the rest of the world."

Currently there are eight episodes in the first season. Podcast guests in the first season include Dr. Lisa Hanasono, BGSU associate professor of communication and a 2018 ICS Faculty Fellow, who talks about her work on “Shattering the Silence on Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss.” Her research sheds light on the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss, and what we can do collectively to end that stigma and support families. Dr. Dylan Miner, an artist, scholar and activist who teaches at Michigan State University, discusses his work in relation to land use, cultural heritage and indigenous activism.

Other BGSU faculty featured in the first season are Dr. Lara Lengel, a professor of communication and a 2018 ICS Faculty Fellow, who addresses "Community Organizations in Combating Sex Trafficking"; Dr. Nancy Patterson, an associate professor of education, who discusses her research about Ohio students’ and teachers’ perspectives about the First Amendment; and Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen, an associate professor of linguistics, on "Imagining Life on Other Planets."   

 “BG Ideas” is available where all podcasts are found (such as Apple Podcasts and Google Play), as well as on the ICS website.

Founded in 1996, ICS is an interdisciplinary, public humanities center that helps faculty to develop, communicate and disseminate their scholarly and creative work to constituencies across campus and throughout the region. With its public events and outreach efforts, ICS brings issues of vital national and global importance to northwest Ohio and, in turn, brings community knowledge back into the University. For more information, follow the center on Twitter @icsbgsu or visit the website.

Updated: 05/08/2019 02:44PM