BGSU springs ahead

The University had positive news to share when this semester’s 15-day head count was released Jan. 25.  Enrollment is up among both undergraduate and graduate students on the Bowling Green campus, and overall enrollment is up by 4 percent over last spring.

Most notable was the number of graduate students, which rose by 229, a 7 percent increase from spring 2015.  Much of the growth came through international student enrollment, particularly in the areas of computer science and business analytics, said Cecilia Castellano, vice provost for strategic enrollment planning.

In fact, the overall international student population has risen dramatically, with students from Jamaica, Nepal, China, Nigeria, India and a host of other countries choosing BGSU.

“This shows the reputation BGSU enjoys around the world,” Castellano said, “and also speaks to our emphasis on programs that are in demand and meet today’s needs.”

There are also 281 more undergraduates than this time last year, a 2.1 percent increase, while new freshman enrollment has increased by 52 percent. The number of applications was 10 percent greater than last year, with 40 percent more applicants admitted.

The combined undergraduate/graduate student headcount is 16,036 students.

The new Falcon Express partnership program with Owens Community College has proven popular and is growing, Castellano said. The guaranteed admission, two-degree program now counts 279 Owens students among its ranks who will be continuing on to Bowling Green.

BGSU Firelands saw an increase of 196 undergraduates compared to last spring, and now has 2,234 undergraduates enrolled.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:28AM