Compendium of alcohol history earns award

Alcohol has been a part of cultures around the world for thousands of years, and used for everything from religious purposes to a simple toast to seal a business deal. Dr. Scott Martin, chair of the Department of History, had a hand in an award-winning publication that presents the rich history of alcohol, along with the cultural and social phenomena used for both good and ill. Martin is the editor of the 1,774-page “SAGE Encyclopedia of Alcohol: Social, Cultural and Historical Perspectives” published by SAGE Publications.

During the American Library Association’s midwinter meeting on Jan. 10, the encyclopedia was one of 10 publications named to the 2016 Outstanding References Sources List. According to Andrew Boney, senior acquisitions editor at SAGE Publishing, “This is a great honor in the academic publishing world and a well-deserved recognition for all of the hard work you (Martin) put into the project.”

The encyclopedia includes a total of 550 entries organized A-Z, a detailed index, alcohol statistics, toasts in languages from around the world and a helpful resource guide directing students to classic books, journals and websites for more extensive study.

 A copy of the encyclopedia has been purchased for the history department and is on display in the case at 128 Williams Hall.

Martin has taught at BGSU since 1993. Among his scholarly interests is the history of U.S. drug and alcohol policy. His 2008 book, “Devil of the Domestic Sphere: Temperance, Gender, and Middle-Class Ideology (1800-1860),” was published by Northern Illinois University Press.

In June 2015, Martin was an organizer of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society biennial conference, “Borders, Boundaries and Contexts: Defining Spaces in the History of Alcohol and Drugs.” Hosted by BGSU, the event brought together scholars from around the world.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:27AM