My Summer Experience: Travis Robertson

I worked at Majestic Jet

Travis Robertson

During this past summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to work at a charter jet company called Majestic Jet, located in Pompano Beach, Fla. Throughout the summer I was able to learn what really went into running a flight company by getting hands on experience.

After the first month of my internship, I was given the job of being in charge of all the parts in the company. I was responsible for ordering all the parts that were needed to allow our planes to fly, and a lot of the time they were needed in under 24 hours. The process consisted of me calling around to different parts companies in the south Florida area, as well as all over the country. It was a great way for me to network and meet several different people who had been working in the aviation field for many decades.

The company has shown interest in having me to return next summer to work for them. As much as I can learn in the classroom, there is nothing like real world experience and seeing how many factors go into working for a prestigious company.

While my job contained a lot of responsibility, it pushed me to show patience and determination to be able to find a part that was rare and needed in a short timeframe. I would like to thank Majestic Jet for my experience and all the lessons that aviation in south Florida, one of the biggest areas for charter aviation, has taught me.

Updated: 02/06/2018 04:27PM