Gorman honored for continued service to students

BOWLING GREEN, O.-Thomas Gorman, an assistant dean and director of advising in the College of Health and Human Services at Bowling Green State University, received the President's Award for Academic Advising of Undergraduate Students at the Faculty Recognition Awards April 10.

The award recognizes individuals and units in the BGSU learning community that contribute to undergraduate students' educational development through effective academic advising. Gorman's award included a $1,000 cash payment.

This isn't Gorman's first award at BGSU. "His tremendous service and commitment to students as BGSU spans over 25 years, and he has been recognized repeatedly and publically for his dedication, service and commitment to undergraduate students," wrote Dr. Christopher Dunn, interim dean of the college.

In the late 1980s, Gorman received the President's Distinguished Service Award while serving as an academic adviser in the College of Health and Human Services. In 2003, he was awarded the President's Advising Award, again recognized for advising students and contributing to their educational development.

"His (Gorman's) vast knowledge of the university and educational requirements allowed him to offer many resources for students who were in need of help," noted Deborah Hendricks, an academic adviser in the college. "I am thoroughly convinced my successes throughout graduate school and now as a professional are attributable to his fine leadership and mentoring."

Gorman encourages his advising staff to participate in student activities and organizations, as well as increase their visibility with faculty, by staying involved in committees and work groups.

"We make it a priority to maintain good working relationships with our faculty and other campus offices in order to enhance our most important relationship - the one with our students," he said.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:54AM