BGSU to support accelerated high school business classes

BOWLING GREEN, O.—Students participating in High School of Business programs will now be able to earn college credit thanks to an affiliation agreement signed between Bowling Green State University’s College of Business Administration and MBA Research and Curriculum Center. The Center, headquartered in Columbus, oversees a college-prep high school business program and is funded and operated by a consortium of 37 state education departments. 

In 2007, educators and administrators voiced concerns that high school students planning to major in business administration in college did not have access to accelerated courses. As a result, an initiative was launched creating the High School of Business in five pilot schools. The program has grown to 41 participating high schools across 12 states, of which 21 are in Ohio. With the growth of the program, MBA Research began searching for a four-year college to team up with to assist the students in transitioning their business knowledge and skills into the post-secondary classroom. 

“The High School of Business allows us to support business education at the high school level and at the same time offer the opportunity for students to smoothly continue their business education at Bowling Green,” said Dr. John Hoag, acting interim dean of the College of Business Administration. “Students completing this program can earn up to six credit hours of college credit, which helps move them along their way to a degree. This program is quite unique, and we are looking forward to working with the High School of Business in this endeavor.”

“This first-in-the-nation partnership creates a very special opportunity for our High School of Business Career-Tech students throughout the country, particularly given the stature of BGSU and its College of Business Administration,” commented Dr. James Gleason, president and CEO of MBA Research. “Students completing this very rigorous Career-Tech program can enter BGSU with both academic credits and, of equal importance, a solid understanding of the career field in which they will study. We anticipate that Career-Tech students who earn High School of Business certification are more likely to complete their business degrees on schedule compared to other entering students.”


(Posted May 24, 2012 )

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:58AM