La Comunidad Learning Community

La Comunidad is a community for all students who are passionate for the Spanish-speaking world. Whether you are majoring or minoring in Spanish or just want to enhance your college experience, this is the place for you.

This close-knit community provides cultural and academic programming that encourages and builds your confidence to use Spanish communication in your every-day life. Through activities focusing on the Spanish language and culture immersion in a co-ed residential setting, members of this community are a part of something that goes well beyond the in-class experience.

La Comunidad

Important Information

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Helpful tip:You don't have to be a Spanish major or fluent in Spanish to join, just have an interest in the language.

Kohl Hall

Residential Requirements

Fees* + Residential Fees

  • First Two Years | $125
  • Last Two Years | $75

Must live in the community? Yes
Allows roommate pull-ins? Yes
*Fees are per semester.

About the Community

La Comunidad students live in a diverse population in Kohl Hall along with other highly ambitious and motivated students who are members of other learning communities. Students work, live and play together to ease the transition to college life, while gaining a deeper knowledge of the Spanish culture.

Residential Requirement

First- and second-year students must live in the Learning Community to be a member. Third- and fourth-year students serve in a leadership role and do not have to live in the community to be a member.  If you choose to live in the community, you can choose to room with someone who is a La Maison Française member -or- you can choose a roommate who is not.

Kreischer Quadrangle

The quadrangle consists of four residence halls: Ashley, Batchelder, Compton and Darrow and is the only hall that has on-site, full service dining. The hall features the Sundial Food Court is along with the Alumni Mall, a large courtyard area accompanied by outdoor basketball courts. The Rec Center, intramural fields and athletic complexes are nearby.

Community Highlights

  • Develop your Spanish language skills and cultural knowledge
  • Participate in Charlas hosted once a week on topics like Spanish cuisine, pop music and artists
  • Scholarships available to study abroad
  • Volunteer opportunities with La Conexión de Wood County, a local non-profit organization - In 2016-17, members put on a Day of the Dead play in conjunction with this organization.

Engaging Experiences

  • Monthly Cooking Nights that feature Latino countries from around the world
  • Explore Spanish culture on group trips. Some of the favorite trips have been to Chicago, New York City and Havana, Cuba
  • Attend receptions with special guests and cultural presentations
  • Enjoy monthly movie and game nights and show off your vocals during Spanish Karaoke.
La Comunidad

How to Apply

Each community has a set of residence hall rooms specifically designated for them. To sign up for one of these rooms, you must apply, and be accepted into the community. To ensure your chance to live in the community, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete your housing application
  2. Apply here and login with your BGSU username and password
  3. Click on Add a New Community Enrollment Request and choose your desired community and academic year/term

Please Note: Students can apply only for two communities on their own. If you want to apply to more than two communities, please contact the additional communities you are interested in so they can apply for you. If you have applied for two and change your mind, go into the system and withdraw yourself from the one(s) you are no longer interested in. This will open up a space for you again.

After you have submitted your request to join a community, you will receive an email from the community director approving your request. When it’s time for you to select your room in the next phase, you will be able to view and select rooms within the designated community space in the community’s residence hall. For example, if you choose to join the Chapman Learning Community, you will select a room in Kohl Hall.

Cooking Night with La Comunidad


La Comunidad hosts a weekly conversation hour. Charlas is a gathering of Spanish speakers which allows for a relaxed, low-pressure atmosphere for socialization not usually experienced in the classroom. Topics of conversation have included:

  • American and Spanish stereotypes
  • Spanish pop music
  • Spanish cuisine
  • Famous Latino(a) artists
  • Holidays and traditions

Game Nights

Members of La Comunidad look forward to the community game nights. Playing Spanish versions of popular games like:

  • Pictionary
  • Scrabble
  • Headbandz
  • Family Feud
  • Lotería
  • Taboo
  • Apples to Apples

Movie Nights

La Comunidad has a collection of over 30 movies from Spanish speaking countries that showcases different regions and dialects.

Get more involved

Members of La Comunidad also enjoy getting involved with other organizations to enhance the benefits of the community. Some of the favorites are:

Latino Student Union (LSU) | Founded in 1972 with the purpose of the organization to stimulate the common interest, ensure the civil liberties and/or improve the quality of life for all Latinos. Achieved by the enhancement of Latino students through utilization of social, communicational, political, legal and cultural programs, activities and relationships whenever necessary to achieve those conditions. This organization places its priority on the enhancement of the student member. LSU is open to everyone! No matter the race, gender, age, etc...WELCOME TO THE FAMILIA!

El Club de Español | The purpose of El Club de Español is to promote interest in Spanish and the cultures that speak it, to foster understanding of said cultures and to encourage the speaking of Spanish amongst native and non-native speakers of various levels. An activity the club has sponsored is the weekly charlas, a gathering of Spanish speakers which allows for a relaxed, low-pressure atmosphere for socialization not usually experienced in the classroom.

Some cultural excursions have included museum trips to exhibitions and Day of the Dead Activities at the Toledo Museum of Art. Two years ago, one of our most successful activities involved teaching Spanish to elementary school children which served as recruitment of future Spanish speakers as well as practice for future Spanish teachers.

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