International Student Ambassador Volunteer Program

The International Student Ambassadors (ISA) Program is designed to connect incoming international students with a group of current Global Falcons who can help new students learn about the life at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). The mission of the program is to help incoming students during their transition to the college life and American culture, as well as, provide guidance, support and resources to new students as the arrive to BGSU. 

The International Student Ambassadors at BGSU are a select group of knowledgeable, motivated, and enthusiastic international student leaders that assist International Programs & Partnerships in promoting BGSU and advocating for international student engagement on campus and in the greater Bowling Green community.  The ISA volunteers participate in events involving students, faculty, high-level administrators, and national and local community members.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of being an International Student Ambassador at BGSU include:

  • Interacting with International Programs & Partnerships leadership
  • Interacting with BGSU leadership and faculty
  • Interacting with BGSU student groups
  • Completing training in areas such as BGSU programs, application and admission processes, campus community, and digital and face-to face communication
  • Expanding your network of professionals by meeting prominent BGSU alumni, community members and international officials
  • “Giving back” to the community and the University and helping recruit future international students to BGSU
  • Participating in the International Student Orientation program to mentor and guide new students
  • Receiving a certificate of participation and letter of reference from International Programs & Partnerships Executive Director

An ISA volunteer who has successfully fulfilled his/her duties and continues as a BGSU student but chooses not to reapply as an ambassador may be selected as an Honorary International Student Ambassador by the decision of International Programs & Partnerships staff


The application process for ISA volunteers is selective and completed during the spring semester for a term that begins the subsequent academic year. Ambassadors serve one-year terms and are welcome to reapply for additional terms throughout their degree program at BGSU. The selection committee for ambassadors will be comprised of International Programs & Partnerships staff, as well as one outgoing ISA who is selected from the current ISA volunteers. Students who apply but are not selected are encouraged to participate as a member of the World Student Association (WSA), a student group devoted to promoting cultural exchange and awareness at BGSU. Experience with WSA or other student organizations can improve a student’s chances of being selected in the future as an ISA.

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International Student Ambassadors must meet the following criteria:

1.      Must be a current international student who has completed at least one academic year at BGSU

2.      Be a student in good academic and immigration standing at BGSU

3.      Must have and maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher

4.      Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills

5.      Must possess a high level of enthusiasm for BGSU

6.      Be available for various campus and community events throughout the year

7.      Must commit to participate in all the International Student Orientation programming during the fall and spring semesters

8.      Be knowledgeable about his/her home country

9.      Demonstrate motivation and professionalism

10.   Be outgoing and actively involved in campus activities and/or community activities


International Student Ambassadors are expected to:

  1. Ambassadors are expected to hold this role for one academic year with the opportunity to re-apply for subsequent terms provided that all the qualifications and expectations have been successfully met by the student
  2. Attend the ISA meetings with the International Programs & Partnerships advisor
  3. Participate in the Ambassador training prior to International Student Orientation
  4. Participate in the orientation program for new students each fall and spring semester
  5. Participate in the International Student Ambassador Panel by sharing experiences of adjusting to the new culture to new international students during orientation
  6. Engage with new international students during Orientation and throughout the academic year
  7. Advocate for international student engagement on campus and in the greater Bowling Green community
  8. Maintain a positive attitude and reflect the model behavior of a campus leader
  9. Assist International Programs & Partnerships in promoting BGSU
  10. Assist International Programs and Partnerships with events programming during International Student Orientation and throughout the academic year
  11. Attend a minimum of three events affiliated with International Programs & Partnership each semester and attend events such as the annual International Dinner and others upon invitation by International Programs & Partnerships
  12. Encourage international students to reach out to our office with their questions or concerns

2024-2025 International Student Ambassador Application

The deadline to apply is March 13th at 11:59 PM.

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Chimdiogo Onyeani-Nwosu

FULL NAME: Chimdiogo Onyeani-Nwosu

CLASS LEVEL: Graduate Student

DEGREE PROGRAM: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

HOMETOWN: Lagos, Nigeria

LANGUAGES: Igbo, Pidgin, English

ACTIVITIES & HONORS: Graduate Student Senate Representative (CMHSC), Vice-President (Nigerian Students Association, BGSU), Emmanuel Award for International Students Scholarship recipient. 

I enjoy creating art and designs, podcasting, swimming, and participating in mental health awareness activities.

WORK EXPERIENCE:Worked in customer support and hospital administration for a cumulative of 6 years.

Graduate Research Assistant-I (CMHSC).

Graduate Research Assistant-II (Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention grant). myself to play the guitar when I was 10 years old and have been playing since!

FUN FACT: I am a self-taught artist; digital and traditional art.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? I want to be a resource for new international students, to help them establish a sense of belonging at BGSU, which I believe can promote mental health.

Favorite BGSU Memory: My first poster presentation at the MLK symposium 2023; I got the opportunity to share my research idea with folks from different educational and cultural backgrounds and get their feedback.


Minh Quang Nguyen

FULL NAME: Minh Quang Nguyen

CLASS LEVEL: Undergraduate/Sophomore

MAJOR/MINOR: Computer Science/ Bachelor of Science

HOMETOWN: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

LANGUAGES: English and Vietnamese

ACTIVITIES & HONORS:1st place in BGSU Mathematics Competition 2023, Dean’s List, member of Putnam Team, VSA, ACM, SPS clubs. I play soccer, basketball, and badminton.

I took part in Campus Fest, raised funds by cleaning the Ice Arena, marched in the BG Holiday Parade, acted in the Lunar New Year, etc.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Food service worker in the Falcons Nest

FUN FACT: I love Eric’s Ice Cream. I’m also a big fan of Messi.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? I want to pay it forward since BGSU has helped me so much to adapt to college life. Furthermore, I love making new friends, so it’s also fun to talk with people from different backgrounds

Favorite BGSU Memory: My memorable experience was marching with our national flags in the Bowling Green Holiday Parade to celebrate Christmas. It was a meaningful activity for me since I not only made new friends, but it was also a great opportunity for me to introduce my hometown to others.


Quan Huynh Hieu Le

FULL NAME: Quan Huynh Hieu Le

CLASS LEVEL: Graduate, Master’s

DEGREE PROGRAM: Master of Business Administration

HOMETOWN: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

LANGUAGES: Vietnamese and English


In the past year, I have dedicated my time to being an International Student Ambassador and president of the Vietnam Student Association. I was also honored to be a 2021 - 2022 Student Ambassador of the College of Arts and Sciences, and involved in several research in both the Chemistry and the Biological Science Department

President of the Vietnam Student Association

2021 - 2022 Student Ambassador of the College of Arts and Sciences

CURS Grant Summer 2021


Communication Assistant at the International Programs and Partnerships Office

Learning Assistant for General Chemistry courses

Undergraduate Research Assistant

BGSU Dining cashier

FUN FACT: I once had a pet butterfly!

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? Serving in this role in the past year has brought me immense joy and fulfillment, particularly in welcoming new international students to BGSU and helping them adjust to their new surroundings. I find it incredibly meaningful to be able to assist others in the same way that I was helped when I first arrived, and I have developed valuable friendships through these interactions.

Favorte BGSU Memory: The Lunar New Year celebration in January 2023 that the Vietnam Student Association co-hosted was one of my most cherished memories at BGSU. It was incredible to witness how our passionate community worked tirelessly, bonding together and creating a sense of family as we introduced and represented our culture to those who attended the event.


Richard Henry Maguire

FULL NAME: Richard Henry Maguire

CLASS LEVEL: First-year Doctoral Studen

DEGREE PROGRAM: Leadership Studies in the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Policy

HOMETOWN: Lilongwe, Malawi

LANGUAGES: English and Chichewa


I enjoy playing and watching soccer.

I am currently a coach for the soccer team my kid is part of, and I am also in the media team at church to help run sound.


Graduate Assistant at Northern Arizona University – Worked with International Admissions and Recruitment.

Immigration Liaison at African Bible College – Worked on facilitating immigration documentation for African Bible College missionaries and students to remain in status with Malawi government immigration requirements.

Chiefs and Leadership Liaison at Live Love – Worked on coordinating local leaders' leadership conferences and community development projects.

FUN FACT: My first trip out of my country was in 2012, and I saw the escalators in person for the first time at Johannesburg Airport in South Africa. I spent nearly 2 hours of my 5-hour layover time practicing walking on the escalators to master walking on them before getting to the U.S., where I thought every building had them.

Why did you want to be an international student ambassador? I want to give back what the previous international student ambassadors did to me. They made me feel welcomed and settled at BGSU, and the only way to thank them was to serve my fellow international students coming to the campus who might be in the same situation as me.

Favorite BGSU memory: My favorite memory at BG was interacting with President Rodgers during Orientation and Halloween. It made me feel welcomed and at home. It is rare for high-profile people like the school president to spare some time to interact and socialize with the students.


Aryan Miriyala

NAME: Aryan Miriyala

CLASS LEVEL: Junior - Undergraduate

MAJOR/MINOR: Computer Science

HOMETOWN: Hyderabad, India

LANGUAGES: English, Hindi and Telugu


Univ Acad Freshman Scholarship, BG Success Scholarship

CCCC, International Cricket Club, Badminton Club, ACM.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Registration and Records, Math Emporium, Software Engineering Intern

FUN FACT: I like riding motorcycles and I play music from time to time.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? To make more connections and help out new International students as I can.

Favorite BGSU Memory: Moving into my dorm when I first arrived to the States. It was such an alien feeling and the experience was insane.


Thinh Phuoc Le

FULL NAME: Thinh Phuoc Le


DEGREE PROGRAM: Business Administration. Specialization: Management

HOMETOWN: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

LANGUAGES: Vietnamese & English


Fundraising activities (Vietnamese Student Association – VSA)

Directing and acting in the play: “the legend of Banh Chung and Banh Giay” for the Lunar New Year Celebration (VSA)

Participating in the BG Parade in November 2022

Qualified for the second round of the Imagination Station (a Rubik’s cube competition)

Peer Leader (College of Business)

A member of the Vietnamese Student Association

Vice President of the BG Cubing Club

WORK EXPERIENCE: Food Service Worker (Compass Group) at Falcon Nest

Vice President (BG Cubing Club)


I can solve a Rubik’s Cube within 13 seconds

I have a list of “basic greeting terms” in nearly 10 languages in my phone, which are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Telagu and Knada (Indian), Spanish, and German.

I also love acting

Why did you want to be an international student ambassador? I have a desirable interest in learning and meeting with other international students because it offers me chances to connect, exchange, and explore the cultural diversity of those people. Also, because of being used to an international freshman, I know the feeling of strangeness, homesickness, and the loneliness of those who are being away from their hometown and relatives; therefore, I have an ambition in supporting oversea students to overcome their difficulties and make BGSU like their second home.

Favorite BGSU Memory: Directing and Acting in the play: “the Legend of Banh Chung and Banh Giay”. That was the first time I managed to direct and act in a full English play, which was challenging but also enjoyable and happy. Moreover, this was the great chance for me, and other VSA members, to help spread and popularize the Vietnamese culture to international students.


Udhari Deshapriya

NAME: Udhari Deshapriya

CLASS LEVEL: Doctoral fifth year

MAJOR/MINOR: Photo chemical Sciences

HOMETOWN: Kegalle Sri Lanka

LANGUAGES: Sinhalese, English


Out standing teaching assistant award 2022, Department of Chemistry.

I was the vice president of Graduate post doctoral students association in Photochemical Sciences center in 2021/2022 and involved in organizing Ohio Photochemical Sciences conference. I was the Graduate Student Senate senator for Chemistry department in 2019/2020 and engaged with Regalia award committee.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Teaching assistant (2018- Present)

FUN FACT: I have travelled 41 US states. I love photography.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? I just want to contribute to provide the pleasant and warm experience I had when I join BGSU.

Favorite BGSU Memory: My favorite BGSU memory is my first International student orientation where I truly and warmly felt I belong. Also I’m trying to make every BGSU memory a cherish-able one.


Yuseok Jeong

FULL NAME: Yuseok Jeong

CLASS LEVEL: Sophomore (Current) / Undergraduate


HOMETOWN: Seoul, South Korea 

LANGUAGES: Korean, English


Dean’s list

Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection Program, Korean culture club, Tennis club 

WORK EXPERIENCE: Work as a server in a restaurant for 3months

FUN FACT: I'm a huge fan of extreme sports. I've been bungee jumping. I want to try skydiving, and jumping off a cliff. But I cannot swim.

Why did you want to be an international student ambassador? It offers an opportunity to help international students feel welcome and supported, while also developing leadership and communication skills.

Favorite BGSU Memory: When I first came to America, I remember doing various activities in orientation. The new environment and experience excited me.

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