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International Student Ambassador Volunteer Program

International Student Ambassador Volunteer Program

The International Student Ambassadors (ISA) Program is designed to connect incoming international students with a group of current Global Falcons who can help new students learn about the life at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). The mission of the program is to help incoming students during their transition to the college life and American culture, as well as, provide guidance, support and resources to new students as the arrive to BGSU.   

The International Student Ambassadors at BGSU are a select group of knowledgeable, motivated, and enthusiastic international student leaders that assist International Programs & Partnerships in promoting BGSU and advocating for international student engagement on campus and in the greater Bowling Green community.  The ISA volunteers participate in events involving students, faculty, high-level administrators, and national and local community members.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of being an International Student Ambassador at BGSU include:

  • Interacting with International Programs & Partnerships leadership
  • Interacting with BGSU leadership and faculty
  • Interacting with BGSU student groups
  • Completing training in areas such as BGSU programs, application and admission processes, campus community, and digital and face-to face communication
  • Expanding your network of professionals by meeting prominent BGSU alumni, community members and international officials
  • “Giving back” to the community and the University and helping recruit future international students to BGSU
  • Participating in the International Student Orientation program to mentor and guide new students
  • Receiving a certificate of participation and letter of reference from International Programs & Partnerships Executive Director

An ISA volunteer who has successfully fulfilled his/her duties and continues as a BGSU student but chooses not to reapply as an ambassador may be selected as an Honorary International Student Ambassador by the decision of International Programs & Partnerships staff


International Student Ambassadors must meet the following criteria:

1.      Must be a current international student who has completed at least one academic year at BGSU

2.      Be a student in good academic and immigration standing at BGSU

3.      Must have and maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher

4.      Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills

5.      Must possess a high level of enthusiasm for BGSU

6.      Be available for various campus and community events throughout the year

7.      Must commit to participate in all the International Student Orientation programming during the fall and spring semesters

8.      Be knowledgeable about his/her home country

9.      Demonstrate motivation and professionalism

10.   Be outgoing and actively involved in campus activities and/or community activities


The application process for ISA volunteers is selective and completed during the spring semester for a term that begins the subsequent academic year. Ambassadors serve one-year terms and are welcome to reapply for additional terms throughout their degree program at BGSU. The selection committee for ambassadors will be comprised of International Programs & Partnerships staff, as well as one outgoing ISA who is selected from the current ISA volunteers. Students who apply but are not selected are encouraged to participate as a member of the World Student Association (WSA), a student group devoted to promoting cultural exchange and awareness at BGSU. Experience with WSA or other student organizations can improve a student’s chances of being selected in the future as an ISA.


International Student Ambassadors are expected to:

1.      Ambassadors are expected to hold this role for one academic year with the opportunity to re-apply for subsequent terms provided that all the qualifications and expectations have been successfully met by the student

2.      Attend the ISA meetings with the International Programs & Partnerships advisor

3.      Participate in the Ambassador training prior to International Student Orientation

4.      Participate in the orientation program for new students each fall and spring semester

5.      Participate in the International Student Ambassador Panel by sharing experiences of adjusting to the new culture to new international students during orientation

6.      Engage with new international students during Orientation and throughout the academic year

7.      Advocate for international student engagement on campus and in the greater Bowling Green community

8.      Maintain a positive attitude and reflect the model behavior of a campus leader

9.      Assist International Programs & Partnerships in promoting BGSU

10.   Assist International Programs and Partnerships with events programming during International Student Orientation and throughout the academic year

11.   Attend a minimum of three events affiliated with International Programs & Partnership each semester and attend events such as the annual International Dinner and others upon invitation by International Programs & Partnerships

12.   Encourage international students to reach out to our office with their questions or concerns

  1. Attend monthly one-hour meeting with the International Programs & Partnerships advisor
  2. Participate in mandatory one-hour training session prior to International Student Orientation
  3. Be available for major events
        a. International Student Orientation (both in the fall and spring semester)
        b.    International Student Ambassador Panel (both in the fall and spring semester)
        c.     International Education Week (mid- November and may involve after 5 p.m. and weekend)
        d.    Homecoming weekend (which may involve after 5 p.m. and weekend)

Meet our Ambassadors

Contact an ambassador at As these students are active with their studies and extracurricular activities, please allow at least two business days for them to reply. Thank you!

    Ask Us!

The application is now open!

Applications need to be submitted by Sunday, March 14th at 11:59pm in Presence.

If you have questions before applying, there will be one virtual drop-in informational session on Friday, February 26th from 4:30-5:30 PM.

Meeting Information:
Meeting link:

Meeting number: 120 730 0154

Password: w33SFHVg7GP

Join by video system


You can also dial and enter your meeting number.


Ayumi Sasaki

LEVEL in 2020-2021: Graduate

MAJOR: Accounting

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Languages: Japanese, French (Quebecois), English

Activities and Honors: 3rd year International Student Ambassador. Redshirt Senior on the BGSU Women’s Tennis Team. I was selected for membership of the National College Athlete Honor Society for outstanding grades and athletic results.

Work Experience: Audit Intern at Plante and Moran, Communications Assistant at International Programs and Partnerships, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for BGSU Women’s Tennis

Fun fact: I did figure skating for almost 2 years before playing tennis

Activities: I am a part of the BGSU women's tennis team. We have players and coaches with everyone from different countries, making us the most diverse team in BGSU athletics.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? I wanted to come back to be an International Student Ambassador because I want to help current and new international students to adjust and feel like BGSU is their second home. When I came to BGSU as a 17 years old international student, I was worried and scared but the International Services helped me a lot in adjusting to this new college life. I want to give back by welcoming the newcomers and helping them have a wonderful experience, here in BGSU.

Favorite BGSU Memory: First week of international students where I met a lot of friends and best friends. I love going to athletic events and show my support by wearing BGSU colors. Most of the best memories are with my tennis team!


Ishmael Kodjoe-Tadekah

Class Level: Graduate Student

Major/degree program: Financial Economics

Hometown and country: Ghana

Languages that you speak: English, Fante, Ewe

Work experience:  Graduate Teaching Assistant, Insurance and Risk Associate

Fun fact about you: Trying new dishes isn’t a mammoth task

What activities are you involved in:  Active member of Students of Color – College of Business (SCB)

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador: Growing up in a multi-ethnic family and a cosmopolitan community, I am appreciative of diversity and inclusivity.  Being an International Student Ambassador gives me an opportunity to advocate for international student engagement on campus and serve people from diverse backgrounds by helping them feel home away from home.

Favorite BGSU Memory: During International Student Orientation in my first week in BGSU. Seeing people from many corners of the world and the various ethnicity at the International Student Orientation was truly heartwarming.


Ioanna Dimitra Tsadari

Major/degree program: Business Marketing

Hometown and country: Athens, Greece

Languages: Greek, English, in the process of learning Spanish and ASL

Activities and honors: Dean’s list fall semester 2019

Work experience: Hopefully will work as an assistant coach for a 2020 summer tennis camp.

Fun Fact: I like drawing, singing, and dancing.

Activities I am involved in: Player of BGSU tennis team, involved with the community by volunteering when possible.

Why did I want to be an Ambassador: When I first arrived at BGSU and the International Orientation started, I knew I wanted to be an ambassador the next year. Everyone around me made sure I had everything I needed for a great first week and I felt like I belonged. I knew I wanted to do the same for every international student.

Favorite BGSU memory: International orientation and winning the Illinois State University invitational tournament with my team right before our season got cancelled.


Bernardo Ribeiro de Miranda

Class level/student type: Graduate Student

Major/degree program: Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural and International Education

Hometown and country: From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Languages that you speak: Native Portuguese, Fluent English and intermediate Spanish

Activities and honors: I was part of the Social Work Academic Council. Since Social Work was a new program in the University there were many things to be done and we started by developing the statute. We also organized the National Social Work Students Conference, with more than two thousand people participants from all over the country. These students had the opportunity to attend lectures, workshops and improve their network. Now I am happy to make part of this amazing group of International Student Ambassadors and I am also planning on bringing the Brazilian Student Association to BGSU. 

Work experience: I had 5 years of administrative experience in a small business in my home country, but decided to go back to school and join the Social Work program. During the course of my studies I volunteered for 3 years doing research on gender relations and racism and on how the mass media reproduces social inequities and inequalities. My team and I also delivered some presentations and workshop about the issues studied to a prison unit in Rio de Janeiro, my hometown. After that I worked as a research assistant in a Graduate Interdisciplinary program in my University in Rio for one year, and now I am Graduate Assistant working as a research assistant in the Emotional Labor Lab here at the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy. I also worked translating and transcribing interviews for Master’s student in Social Sciences’ programs especially focused on Refugees and Public Policies.

Fun fact about you: A fun fact about me is that many years ago I used to be a chef! Yep. I’ve worked in restaurants and in a famous hotel in Rio de Janeiro. It was a rough and enriching period of my life where I was in direct contact with the difficulties that extremely humble and hardworking people face every day in their lives. This experience and the social economic and political situation in Brazil certainly led me to Social Work and now to cross-cultural and international education.

What activities are you involved in? Today I am involved in many cross-cultural activities my program provides me, such as giving lectures about my culture in some professors and colleagues’ classes, and sharing about the specificities of social and political issues in Brazil with several students. I am also involved as a research assistant in an amazing research with the Emotional Labor Lab where we are studying about the Emotional Labor of teachers of the Bowling Green City Schools!
I also save some time for volunteering in the food pantry that is open to the entire community of BGSU and BG as well.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? The International Student Ambassador was the very first real contact me and a lot of international students had when we arrived in BG and were faced with many cultural differences. Housing, food, transportation around and outside the campus, resources BGSU provides to us, pretty much everything were facilitated by the efforts of this group of brave people. I recognize their importance for this community and that’s why I want to keep this alive!   

Favorite BGSU Memory: My favorite BGSU memory, was definitely sharing the space with hundreds of other students in very similar situation to mine in the beautiful BGSU yard in front of to the math and science building after an incredible welcome week of orientation at the beginning of my experience at BGSU. That reception was a collective welcome that made me feel part of that new family.


Muhammed Syed

Junior- Computer science with data science

Hometown and home country: Hyderabad, India
Languages that you speak: English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic

Activities and honors: VP of Muslim Student Association, Resident Advisor, International Senator at USG, ACM, SMART, International Student Ambassador 2019-2020

Fun fact about you: I go by my last name

Work experience: I am a Resident Advisor, so if you ask me any questions related to housing and dining, I would be able to help you.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador: I wanted to be an International Student Ambassador because I wanted to help new International undergraduate students know their surroundings and help them out until they feel comfortable.

Favourite BGSU Memory: My incoming Freshman Orientation, was the best memory I had and also our organization’s events were very memorable.


Manvika Reddy Murthy

Class Type/Student Type: Undergraduate Freshman (Full-Time Student)

Major: Computer Science

Hometown and Country: Hyderabad – India

Languages that I speak: English, Hindi, Telugu

Activities and Honors: Dean’s list fall 2019; volunteered for women in STEM sessions; awarded second prize in inter school elocution competition.

Work Experience: Worked as IT help desk assistant. Has been a positive representative.

Has been friendly, approachable and happy to answer questions to customers. Also, worked as Senior Student Organizer in my high school. Took the lead on hosting events and encouraged other students to get involved in it. Used my creative talents to support the team. Showed an eagerness to get involved and share your experiences.

Fun facts: I can cook the most delicious Indian cuisines. I am also a fashion designer. I love to customize dresses. I always like to dress up by wearing a traditional saree.

Activities involved: I am involved in activities conducted by BG Women in Computing Organization, World Student Association, Indian Student Association and International Programs and Partnerships.

Why do I want to be an International Student Ambassador? It is a great networking opportunity to meet new students across the world. It is fun to be a friendly face and I would love to get an opportunity to help international students like me to get a long way and settle on campus.

Favorite BGSU Memory: Participating every activity on campus, winning the trivia, making new friends at my orientation, having fun with Frieda and Freddie, watch I-75 battle basketball match, Participating in Falcon Friday Night’s,  getting my first job on campus are really memorable for me.


Tien Vo Cat Ho (Katie)

Level: Junior Undergraduate

Major: Supply Chain Management & Business Analytics

Hometown and country: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Languages that you speak: Vietnamese and English

Activities and honors: BG Success Scholarship, Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity, Bridges International, World Students Association, Vietnamese Dance Team.

Work experience: Food Service Worker in Dining Hall :) . I had internship in Trinity Logistic Vietnam Company Limited last summer. When I was in Vietnam, I worked as an interpreter for some study abroad programs by providing information from school representatives to parents and students at school fair.

Fun fact about you: I am a huge fan of horror/psychological/thriller movies although I get too scared to watch them.

What activities are you involved in? I am a member in DSP Professional Business Fraternity. I also involved in World Student Association since freshman year and had a chance to become a models in a fashion show at International Dinner. Besides, I usually attend to Bridge International event to discuss about different topics with many friends from different countries. I am also a member of Vietnamese Dance Team and we sometimes perform in some event not only on campus but also off campus.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador?  As an international student, I know the feeling of lack of confidence, shy and surprise of many new stuff which is a little hard for international students to be open with other people. That is the reason why I want to become an international student ambassador, the people who can help them to overcome fear and shyness, help them to be more confident, open with other people and importantly help them to feel BGSU as their second home.

Favorite BGSU Memory: One Christmas event with International Programs & Partnerships, I had a chance to decorate a ginger bread house with my friends from other country. It was super fun and memorable. We won the second prize and got a super cool sweatshirt which is my favorite shirt that related to BGSU.



Wen-Tung Wu (Steven)

Class Level: 5th years undergraduate student

Major: Marketing major and FMPD and Entrepreneurship Minor

Hometown and home country: Taichung, Taiwan

Languages that you speak: Mandarin, English, and Taiwanese

Activities and honors: World Student Association. International Dinner for 350 guests (two years)

Work experience: Internship in AQI as a Sale representative

Fun fact about you: Tony Stark (Iron Man) is my favorite hero character.

What activities are you involved in? I’m member of Dean’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion. And, I’m part of Professional Business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? As an international student in the college of business, I can understand the difficulty for international students to get more involved with the business world. I want to be a leader for them and make the transition into the academic world of the United States simpler. 

Favorite BGSU Memory: being one of the project managers for 2018 international dinner. We have to create a celebration for domestic students and international students. Also, seeing people's smile when they attended our event.


Ziwei (David) Tang

Class level/Student type: Class of 2023,  Sophomore Undergraduate

Major: Accounting & Finance

Hometown and Country: Haikou, China

The language that you speak: Mandarin Chinese and English

Activities and honors: BG Success Scholarship, Pledging member in Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity, Bridges International.

Work experience: Internship with Promedica(2019), and I work as a private auto broker in the northwest of Ohio.

Fun fact about you: I don’t like seafood even though my hometown is on an island.

What activities are you involved in? Bridges international, pledging member in fraternity Delta Sigma Pi

Why did you want to be an international student ambassador?

I have been in the US since I was a high school student, I understand how difficult it is for international students to adopt a new culture with a new language. I want to help them overcome that difficult period of time as best as I can and help them make new friends In BGSU.

Favorite BGSU memory: I watched and played with the first snow in front of McDonald Hall with the person I love. 


Naveen Kumar

Class level/student type: Undergrad Senior/full time international

Major/degree program:  Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Hometown and country:  India

Languages that you speak:  English, Hindi, Punjabi

Activities and honors: Served as college of technology ambassador in USG, tech ambassador of Mechatronics Engineering Dept. 

Work experience: worked as technician, instructor and now working as intern in R&D department Betco. Corp

Fun fact about you: I am Designated driver 

What activities are you involved in? Cultural activities, social get together, campus fair

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? To be on platform where I can learn more and help more students.

Favorite BGSU Memory: Diwali Mela