International Student Ambassador Volunteer Program

The International Student Ambassadors (ISA) Program is designed to connect incoming international students with a group of current Global Falcons who can help new students learn about the life at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). The mission of the program is to help incoming students during their transition to the college life and American culture, as well as, provide guidance, support and resources to new students as the arrive to BGSU. 

The International Student Ambassadors at BGSU are a select group of knowledgeable, motivated, and enthusiastic international student leaders that assist International Programs & Partnerships in promoting BGSU and advocating for international student engagement on campus and in the greater Bowling Green community.  The ISA volunteers participate in events involving students, faculty, high-level administrators, and national and local community members.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of being an International Student Ambassador at BGSU include:

  • Interacting with International Programs & Partnerships leadership
  • Interacting with BGSU leadership and faculty
  • Interacting with BGSU student groups
  • Completing training in areas such as BGSU programs, application and admission processes, campus community, and digital and face-to face communication
  • Expanding your network of professionals by meeting prominent BGSU alumni, community members and international officials
  • “Giving back” to the community and the University and helping recruit future international students to BGSU
  • Participating in the International Student Orientation program to mentor and guide new students
  • Receiving a certificate of participation and letter of reference from International Programs & Partnerships Executive Director

An ISA volunteer who has successfully fulfilled his/her duties and continues as a BGSU student but chooses not to reapply as an ambassador may be selected as an Honorary International Student Ambassador by the decision of International Programs & Partnerships staff


International Student Ambassadors must meet the following criteria:

1.      Must be a current international student who has completed at least one academic year at BGSU

2.      Be a student in good academic and immigration standing at BGSU

3.      Must have and maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher

4.      Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills

5.      Must possess a high level of enthusiasm for BGSU

6.      Be available for various campus and community events throughout the year

7.      Must commit to participate in all the International Student Orientation programming during the fall and spring semesters

8.      Be knowledgeable about his/her home country

9.      Demonstrate motivation and professionalism

10.   Be outgoing and actively involved in campus activities and/or community activities


The application process for ISA volunteers is selective and completed during the spring semester for a term that begins the subsequent academic year. Ambassadors serve one-year terms and are welcome to reapply for additional terms throughout their degree program at BGSU. The selection committee for ambassadors will be comprised of International Programs & Partnerships staff, as well as one outgoing ISA who is selected from the current ISA volunteers. Students who apply but are not selected are encouraged to participate as a member of the World Student Association (WSA), a student group devoted to promoting cultural exchange and awareness at BGSU. Experience with WSA or other student organizations can improve a student’s chances of being selected in the future as an ISA.


International Student Ambassadors are expected to:

1.      Ambassadors are expected to hold this role for one academic year with the opportunity to re-apply for subsequent terms provided that all the qualifications and expectations have been successfully met by the student

2.      Attend the ISA meetings with the International Programs & Partnerships advisor

3.      Participate in the Ambassador training prior to International Student Orientation

4.      Participate in the orientation program for new students each fall and spring semester

5.      Participate in the International Student Ambassador Panel by sharing experiences of adjusting to the new culture to new international students during orientation

6.      Engage with new international students during Orientation and throughout the academic year

7.      Advocate for international student engagement on campus and in the greater Bowling Green community

8.      Maintain a positive attitude and reflect the model behavior of a campus leader

9.      Assist International Programs & Partnerships in promoting BGSU

10.   Assist International Programs and Partnerships with events programming during International Student Orientation and throughout the academic year

11.   Attend a minimum of three events affiliated with International Programs & Partnership each semester and attend events such as the annual International Dinner and others upon invitation by International Programs & Partnerships

12.   Encourage international students to reach out to our office with their questions or concerns


Emma Grace Richardson

FULL NAME: Emma Grace Richardson

CLASS LEVEL:  Undergraduate, Junior

DEGREE PROGRAM: Sports Management Major, Marketing Minor

HOMETOWN: St. Albert, Alberta Canada


ACTIVITIES & HONORS: I play for the BGSU Women’s Soccer team. Deans List 2020-21/2021-22 

WORK EXPERIENCE: I have had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in coaching youth soccer. I have also gained work experience in customer service with having jobs at restaurants, and a grocery store in my hometown.

FUN FACT: I taught myself to play the guitar when I was 10 years old and have been playing since!

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? Being far from home as an international student can be a difficult adjustment when coming to college. As an international student ambassador, I am excited to help international students feel at home in Bowling Green and provide fun activities that help them be more integrated into the community!

Favorite BGSU Memory: Being a part of winning the 2020 and 2021 women’s soccer MAC championship and going to the NCAA tournament.


Quan Huynh Hieu Le

FULL NAME: Quan Huynh Hieu Le

CLASS LEVEL: Undergraduate/Senior

DEGREE PROGRAM: Biochemistry Major, Computer Science Minor

HOMETOWN: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

LANGUAGES: Vietnamese and English

ACTIVITIES & HONORS: Student ambassador of the College of Arts and Sciences, CURS Grant Summer 2021, Excellence in Chemistry Scholarship. I am a member of the Vietnam Student Association (VSA) and a student ambassador of the College of Arts and Sciences at BGSU. I also join research labs in the Chemistry and the Biological Sciences departments.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Learning assistant for Gen Chem 1 & 2, Research Assistant, Communication Assistant for BGSU International Office, Cashier at BGSU.

FUN FACT: I really love ice cream, especially the coffee flavored ones. My favorite things to do are make-up and movie nights with my friends. The first thing I ever bought with my own salary money is a microscope. 

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? The first BGSU person that I have ever interacted with when I got here is Crystal – an international student ambassador! Our flight was delayed, and we arrived at midnight and was super tired, but Crystal waited for us and welcomed us with the brightest smile. Since then, I have always been wanting to become a part of this crew to support and make friends with people from around the world!

Favorite BGSU Memory: Thanksgiving dinner at a professor’s house with my two close friends - which was a connection program by the Bridges International at BGSU. We spent the evening enjoying the most delicious Thanksgiving food, watching Christmas movies, and having meaningful conversations.


Shudipta Sharma

NAME: Shudipta Sharma


MAJOR/MINOR: Media and Communication

HOMETOWN: Narsingdi, Bangladesh

LANGUAGES: Bengali & English

ACTIVITIES & HONORS: Presented papers at national and international conferences; Chancellor Gold Medalist. I am involved in three campus organizations: Graduate Communication Association, Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection Program, and BG Reel.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Graduate Teaching Associate at School of Media and Communication

FUN FACT: I love solo travelling and have travelled 14 countries in three continents (Asia, Europe & North America). 

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? I believe the position will not only facilitate me to continue my voluntary activism effectively, but also will enrich my intercultural knowledge that will be helpful in my future career.

Favorite BGSU Memory:   Participating in Bowling Green Holiday Parade Float in 2021 with my country's flag has been my most memorable moment at BGSU.


Tanisha Chaudhary

FULL NAME: Tanisha Chaudhary

CLASS LEVEL: 1st Year Graduate Student

MAJOR/MINOR: Masters in Health Services Administration

HOMETOWN: New Delhi, India

LANGUAGES: English & Hindi

ACTIVITIES & HONORS: Attended ACHE Congress conference 2022, Job shadow at P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Grad Teaching Assistant at Offenhauer West

FUN FACT: I love to talk about Sci-fi movies, Astronomy and Human Physiology.

Why did you want to be an International Student Ambassador? I wanted to be an ISA this year because, I like interacting with people from different countries, culture, and backgrounds. ISA helped and supported me a lot when I came here. So, I want to support the upcoming students to transition better by providing them the information and resources they need.

Favorite BGSU Memory: The delivery robots. I’ve never seen such kind of thing before it was fun to hop in front of them and the International student orientation.


Ezranna Woodenlee

FULL NAME: Ezranna Woodenlee

CLASS LEVEL: Sophomore/International Student

DEGREE PROGRAM: FAshion Merchandising and Product Development/Bachelor's Degree


LANGUAGES: Chinese/English

ACTIVITIES & HONORS: Modeling for FMPD Students' Projects

WORK EXPERIENCE: Vertical Advertainment Assistant

FUN FACT: I love cooking and eating

Why did you want to be an international student ambassador? I had a lovely time so far in BGSU, and I want to help other students to have a good time as well!

Favorite BGSU memory: My best memory is the freshmen welcoming party at oaks lawn.


Joji Kawamura

FULL NAME: Joji Kawamura


DEGREE PROGRAM: Architecture

HOMETOWN: Tokyo, Japan

LANGUAGES: Japanese, Chinese, English

ACTIVITIES & HONORS: I am one of the leaders and a player on BGSU men’s club soccer. Moreover, I play several intra- mural games every semester since I love playing sports. Vice President of IFC- International Football Club. BGSU Men's Soccer. Ambassador of BGSU ONEDAY

WORK EXPERIENCE: Hands Limited (Construction Apprentice)

Yakitori No Meimon Akiyoshi (Waiter/Casher)

Uber Eats (Delivery Person)

FUN FACT: I get a different haircut every time.

Why did you want to be an international student ambassador? I really like to talk to people and help them out if they need help. It is also very fun to get to know all the people from all over the world.

Favorite BGSU Memory: When I find a place to play soccer. (First time I attended at IFC)


Zixi Fu


CLASS LEVEL: Undergraduate/Sophomore

DEGREE PROGRAM: Music Preformance/Bachelor of Music

HOMETOWN: Chengdu, China

LANGUAGES: Chinese, English

ACTIVITIES & HONORS: Full tuition scholarship; Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society;Music Teachers National Association collegiate chapter

FUN FACT: My home is located near the largest panda reservation in the world! I have a passion for fashion. I enjoy styling makeup and outfits. I also love to travel and learn different cultures.

Why did you want to be an international student ambassador? When I first came to BGSU, everyone was so kind and enthusiastic. They helped me a lot. Their kindness inspired me, and I want to extend the same welcoming warmth to other new international students.

Favorite BGSU Memory: I really enjoyed exploring the beauty of our campus during the Orientation Week. At that moment, I felt like my American college and piano career had just really begun. It seemed that the entire world was in front of me!

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