The BGSU Global Internship


Intern Abroad

International Professional Internship + International Academic Study = A global citizen, student pre-professional!


The BGSU Global Internship

  • Work with major global corporations, international NGO’s, or local businesses.
  • Fulfills requirements for most required internships and co-ops across BGSU colleges and degree programs  
  • BGSU Global Interns concurrently enroll in a BGSU language or culture course specific to internship location, ensuring the best professional and intellectual internship experience possible.
  • Example: Spain internship students intern an average of 30 hours/week while simultaneously studying the Spanish language and culture in a course appropriate to their language level (typically SPAN 1020, 2010, 2020, 3510, 3520, or 3850). Internship placements match students based on professional interests and linguistic skills, ranging from English-only internships to complete Spanish immersion experiences. Language and culture study ensure students take full advantage of professional and personal relationships developed during the course of their program abroad. Internship placement and an excellent system of public transportation ensures students easy travel between BGSU arranged home-stays, academic classes, and professional internships.

  • Open doors to career opportunities
  • Immerse yourself in foreign languages and cultures

  • Credits automatically transfer
  • BGSU faculty and infrastructure ensures safe and easy transportation, housing and other living arrangements
  • No prior language skills needed
  • Affordable, cost covers language and/or culture course, placement/supervision, accommodations and excursions
  • Most financial aid and scholarships apply; additional scholarships available
  • Option to intern six weeks, one semester or two semesters

Updated: 07/09/2021 12:55PM