Past BGSU Delta Delta Epsilon Officers

Natalie Marra- DDE President

Blake Watson DDE

Natalie Marra is a third-year forensic science student working toward specializations in forensic chemistry and forensic examinations and a minor in chemistry. She is involved in American Sign Language (ASL) Club and is an ambassador for the Honors College. After graduating in spring 2024, Natalie will work towards her masters as a student in the Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Program in forensic science at BGSU.

Seth Dixon- DDE Vice President    

Emily Ambrus DDE

Seth Dixon earned a Bachelor's of Science in Forensic Science with a specialization in forensic biology and a minor in chemistry in 2022, and is pursuing a Master's of Forensic Science. He is currently a Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for the Future of Forensic Science but has held many positions on campus in the past, including roles in Residence Life, the Learning Commons, and the Wellness Connection.

Madison Smith- DDE Secretary

Maddy Smith is an Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's student in forensic science who is specializing in forensic biology. After graduating, she hopes to work as a DNA analyst in a crime lab. Maddy is currently working in the Chemistry Stockroom on campus as a Lab Assistant and assists in clerical work.

Meghan Boomer DDE

Dylan Drazdik- DDE Treasurer

Dylan Drazdik is a fourth-year forensic science major with a specialization in forensic examination. He is involved with the BGSU Fencing Club and works as a member of the Stargaze staff on campus. Dylan plans to graduate in Fall 2022 with a bachelor’s degree then continue into a master’s program at BGSU.

Dylan Drazdik DDE

Madison Kelly- DDE Editor


Madison Kelly, is a forensic science with a specialization in forensic biology student. Madison is also pursuing a minor in chemistry and is set to graduate in Fall 2023. Madison was inducted into Delta Delta Epsilon last spring and became the DDE Editor shortly after. In addition to DDE membership, Madison also holds the position of the Forensic Science Learning Community Secretary at BGSU as well. 

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