Professional Development Fund


Bowling Green State University’s Classified Staff Council Professional Development Fund (CSCPDF) was established in September 2005 with the mission to provide financial support to classified employees who wish to seek professional and individual growth and development through opportunities such as workshops, conferences, job-related classes, training and/or presentations which will further their knowledge and/or attain new skills.


All permanent full-time and permanent part-time classified employees who have passed their current position’s probationary period are eligible to request funding.  Maximum amount of funding available per employee per fiscal year is $250.00 based on available funds.

Funding Criteria

  1. All applicants must be a permanent full-time or part-time BGSU classified employee that has passed their probationary period within their current position.
  2. The CSCPDF will not award monies for computer hardware, computer software, journals and/or books, or individual memberships to associations and/or organizations.
  3. Applicant must provide copies of materials that are associated with the training for which they will receive funding.
  4. Reimbursements may be made to the employee or to employee’s department DCC via transfer upon returning from their professional development training and after all the proper paperwork and receipts are submitted for reimbursement.
  5. If expenses exceed the award, the difference will not be covered by the CSCPDF.
  6. Funding requests must be made a minimum of two weeks prior to training.
  7. Applicant is encouraged to seek additional funding from his/her department and/or register as early as possible to take advantage of any special offers.

**Reimbursements are made in accordance to university established policy.

Please submit the application and all necessary documentation.

To apply for funds from the CSC Professional Development:

1. Click on the link to complete the form via DocuSign. The completed form will automatically be submitted to the supervisor listed and then routed to the Committee Chair on the date which it is submitted:

2. Provide to the committee copies of any printed materials associated with the training event. Materials can be e-mailed to, the committee chair.

  • Please be advised, the committee may request additional information/justification from you, others affected by the potential training outcomes and your supervisor(s).