Committee Information

CSC Standing Committees:

 Description and MembersemailphoneTerm Expires
Bylaws CommitteeUpdate and review, on a yearly basis, the CSC Bylaws and Classified Staff Handbook.
 Faith Olson ~ Chairfolson2.73107/1/2018
 Mark Henningmarkh2.10217/1/2018
 Yolanda Floresyflores2.26427/1/2019
 Roger Hemingerrheming2.76967/1/2019
 Teresa Mayotmayo2.24017/1/2020
 Toni Jacobsajacobs2.20157/1/2020
Committee on Committees (Chair-elect)Maintain and update all CSC Standing and Ad Hoc Committees memberships.
 Danielle Burkin
Election CommitteeSupervise regular and/or special elections conducted by CSC to ensure fair and accurate results.
 Deborah Lowery - chairdlowery2.82347/1/2018
 Lisa Bowenlisage2.32307/1/2019
 Faith Olsonfolson2.73107/1/2020
 Toni Jacobsajacobs2.20157/1/2020
Merit Appeals CommitteeReview appeals from classified staff for the merit portion of their yearly salary increase.
 Kris Sautterksautte2.96257/1/2018
 Lisa Bowenlisage2.32307/1/2018
 Yolanda Floresyflores2.26427/1/2019
 Teresa Mayotmayo2.24017/1/2019
 Toni Jacobsajacobs2.20157/1/2020
Outstanding Service Award CommitteeDevelop criteria and methods for the selection of a classified person to be named recipient of this award and publicize those guidelines sufficiently. This award is to recognize and commend a classified employee whose efforts benefit students, academic units and the University community and who encourages and promotes excellence within the workplace.
 Faith Olson ~ Chairfolson2.73107/1/2018
 Linda Hammanlindah2.43567/1/2018
 Deborah Cardendcarden2.08867/1/2019
 Terry Carver - retireetcarver 7/1/2019
 Kim Strickland kstric22.76137/1/2020
 Marsha Bostelmanmbostel2.20417/1/2020
 Karla Leadyleadyk2.77097/1/2020
Personnel Welfare CommitteeGather and compile a report of related information to make recommendations for enhancement of the current benefit package for staff at BGSU.
 Kathy Dean ~ Chairkkdean2.79517/1/2018
 Judy Amendjamend2.93077/1/2018
 Lisa Bowenlisage2.32307/1/2019
 Faith Olsonfolson2.73107/1/2019
 Danielle Burkindburkin2.25767/1/2020
 Sylvia Cuthbert
Professional Development CommitteeDevelop criteria and methods to provide financial support to eligible classified staff who wish to seek professional and individual growth and development.
 Karla Leady - chairleadyk2.87347/1/2018
 Teresa Mayo  tmayo2.24017/1/2019
Salary Compensation CommitteeWork with the Office of Human Resources in conducting wage surveys and gathering additional information available through other sources to ensure all classified employees receive a fair market wage.
 Mark Henning - Chairmarkh2.10217/1/2018
 Teresa Mayotmayo2.24017/1/2018
 Mardi Losoya-Rushmlosoya2.05577/1/2018
 Faith Olsonfolson2.73107/1/2019
 Jennifer Johnsonjennife2.78887/1/2019
 Yolanda Floresyflores2.26427/1/2020
 Deborah Lowerydlowery2.82347/1/2020
 Tena Spratttenas2.27247/1/2020
 Kathy Deankkdean2.79517/1/2020
Scholarship CommitteeDevelop criteria and methods for selection of person(s) to be named as recipient(s) of the scholarship award and publicize guidelines. Scholarships are awarded to deserving classified staff members, their spouses or dependents, who have a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average. The scholarships are used to pay any education related expenses.
 Jodi Schroeder  ~ Chairjodirs2.05277/1/2018
 Deborah Cardendcarden2.08867/1/2018
 Linda Kiddlkidd2.70607/1/2019
 Danielle Burkindburkin2.25767/1/2019
 Erin Teleckyeteleck2.27487/1/2020
 Karla Leadyleadyk2.87347/1/2020
Campus and Community CommitteeDevelop and manage all fundraising ventures and special events for the benefit of classified staff and CSC.
  Temporily handled by Faith Olson    Chair  7/1/2018
 Teresa Mayo  tmayo2.24017/1/2018
 Marsha Bostelmanmbostel2.20417/1/2018
 Jennifer Johnsonjennife2.78887/1/2019
 Karyn Dutridge   -- will be liaison with BTSU and Dining Services  7/1/2019
 Deborah Cardendcarden2.08867/1/2020
 Marianne Geisbuhlermgeisbu2.38327/1/2020
 Karla Leadyleadyk2.87347/1/2020
Spirit of BG Award CommitteeDevelop criteria and methods for the selection of a classified staff person to be named recipient of this award and publicize guidelines. This award is to recognize on a monthly basis, BGSU staff who are caught showing “the spirit of BG”. Criteria for this award include specific contributions that the employee demonstrates to his/her department and to the campus community. 
 Deborah Carden  ~ Chairdcarden2.08867/1/2018
 Roger Hemingerrheming2.76967/1/2019
 Tammy Corpe tcorpe2.26417/1/2019
 Yolanda Floresyflores2.26427/1/2020
 Deborah Lowerydlowery2.82347/1/2020
Team Award CommitteeDevelop criteria and methods for selection of a group of employees within a classified staff area to be named recipient of this award and publicize guidelines. This award is to recognize persons within a classified staff area who work together on a daily basis as a team and whose collective efforts benefit students, units, department divisions and the University community.
 Anna Lyncharlynch2.26377/1/2018
 Linda Hammanlindah2.43567/1/2018
 Karla Leadyleadyk2.87347/1/2019
 Roger Heminger ~ Chairrheming2.76967/1/2019
 Deborah Cardendcarden2.08867/1/2020
 Jennifer Johnsonjennife2.78887/1/2020
Website CommitteeGather and update the CSC website with pertinent information for classified staff.
 Jodi Schroederjodirs2.05277/1/2018
 Danielle Burkindburkin2.25767/1/2021
 M. Michele Nagelmnagel2.02247/1/2019
 Tena Spratttenas2.27247/1/2020
NEUTRAL COMMITTEE/LISTTo provide a mechanism for classified employees to receive fair and impartial hearing on either disciplinary or grievance issues, Classified Staff Council (CSC) submits to the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources (HR) an updated neutral/impartial list of classified employees who are willing to sit on a three-member panel that listens to such issues. Once the list is agreed upon by CSC and HR, a classified employee may choose from this list when a need arises to convene a panel. This panel will listen to both sides of an issue and make a recommendation from its findings. For specific instructions on how such a panel functions and the responsibilities of the panel members, please familiarize yourself with the Employee Relations pages of the Classified Staff Handbook.
ProvostFaith Olsonfolson2.7310 
RegistrarKathy Deankkdean2.7951 
Accounting/MISKathy McBridemcbride2.2324 
Financial AidLinda Hammanlindah2.4356 
English DepartmentDanielle Burkindburkin2.2576 
Firelands CampusMargaret Barbourmbarbou2.0611 
Non-Traditional & Transfer StdCarolyn Warden awarden2.8136 

University Committees:

Submits recommendations to the President on future proposals for the naming of rooms, lounges, buildings, and institutional programs at the University.

CSC Chair
Financial Aid

To advise on all matters affecting information technology at the University.

Kathy Dean

Danielle Burkin
English Department

Lisa Bowen
Student Affairs

University & Senate Standing Committees:
(terms are from May Commencement to May Commencement)

To represent the University community (faculty, administrative staff, classified staff, graduate and undergraduate students) in matters relating to the affirmative action program.

Toni Jacobs
College of Arts and Sciences

Mardi Losoya-Rush
University Libraries

To monitor employee health, wellness, and insurance plans, and the employee satisfaction with the existing plans, to establish goals to improve employee wellness, and to advise the President on health care benefits.  Formerly Health, Wellness and Insurance Committee.

Faith Olson
College of Education

Dee Dee Wentland
School of Culture and Critical Studies

Deb Lowery

To review appeals of decisions resulting from the administration of the University insurance programs and to recommend adjudication to the President of the University.

Danielle Burkin
Department of English

To make recommendations to the Director of Campus Safety and the Manager of Parking Services or other properly constituted authority regarding the registration, parking, and regulation of vehicles on the University campus.  Formerly the Parking Advisory Committee.

Jen Moore
Graduate Studies - Business

To be advisory to the President on matters concerning the welfare of the University and of the non-represented members of the University community.  Formerly known as President's Panel.

CSC Chair

To focus on issues external to the University that affect the profession of teaching and the value and mission of higher education in society.

Jennifer Moore
College of Business - Graduate Department

To assist with planning of service awards for Classified Staff, Administrative Staff, and Faculty.

Roberta Garcia
University Advancement

To provide means through which the University community may advise the Student Union in matters concerning its operation and programming.