Tips for Building a Résumé

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Find a résumé design to use.

  • Refer to the minimum requirements checklist on the next page.
  • To apply for jobs/internships on BGSU’s Handshake system, please upload your résumé first.
  • All résumés are subject to review and approval by Career Design Coach. For a résumé to be approved, it must meet the minimum requirements listed on the checklist.
  • Once a résumé is approved, a student may start applying for jobs/internships in Handshake.
  • A student’s Handshake account is activated no later than the start of the fall semester.

Minimum Requirements

The following minimum requirements must be met for a resume to be approved.

Layout and format

  • Name font size is minimum 18 andmaximum 24
  • Body text font size is minimum 10 and maximum 12
  • Margins are minimum .5 inch and maximum 1 inch
  • Font is easy to read
  • Headings, fonts, bullets, margins, and subheadings are consistent
  • Header with name and page number is on subsequent pages
  • Content fills at least half of last page
  • Free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • No use of personal pronouns or acronyms
  • Resume design is consistent with professional practice
  • White space is effectively used for visual appeal
  • Cover letter and resume layout and format are consistent
  • References listed on a separate document

Contact Information

  • Contact information is located at top of first page
  • First and last name is included in heading
  • Full address is listed in heading
  • Preferred phone number is included in heading
  • Professional email is listed in heading


  • Highest or most recent degree is first
  • Full name is listed for college or university
  • City and state is listed for college or university
  • Official name of degree is listed
  • Licensure, minor, or specialization is listed below degree
  • Graduation date includes month and year

Employment Experience

  • Experience is listed in reverse chronological order
  • Full name is listed for each company
  • City and state is listed for each company
  • Full position title is listed for each position
  • Starting and ending dates for each position are listed, including month and year
  • Current position(s) have an ending date as “Present”
  • Action verbs are used at the beginning of each bullet
  • Bullet points describe key accomplishments, emphasize transferable skills, and quantify results
  • Verb tenses are consistent with time frame of employment

Updated: 06/12/2023 02:41PM