Falcon Career Spotlights


Major: Accounting '22

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

The Career Center hosted a Fall Expo Job and Internship Fair, which helped me secure a full-time internship position at Cooper Tire. This opportunity has pushed me to achieve my life goals of having a degree and a great job to provide for my family. This internship also will make me more marketable, as well as teach me very important tasks and objectives in the accounting field.


Major: Supply Chain Management '22

Washington, D.C. Spring Break Participant

I always knew I wanted to one day work in Washington D.C. and the Spring Break trip confirmed my aspirations. I networked with potential future employers and BGSU alumni in the area. I also learned how to apply for internships and make my application stand out. Overall, the trip was a great opportunity to network in a city I one day plan to call home.


Major: Sports Management '20

Washington, D.C. Spring Break Participant

During Spring Break, I went with the Career Center on a trip to Washington, D.C. This trip allowed me to market myself as a student looking for future career opportunities upon graduation. I was able to travel and view the opportunities for myself in another city with the resources of the Career Center. I also was able to make a few professional connections, which will help me gain a possible career in my field outside of my hometown.


Major: Criminal Justice '20

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

I went to the Career Center for help finding an internship in the criminal justice field. They put me in contact with the Lucas County Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF). Once I contacted CTF to set up an interview, I also set up a mock interview with the Career Center to sharpen my interview skills. I earned an internship opportunity for next semester and gained great networking, resume writing, and interviewing skills to further my career goals. 


Major: Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning '18

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

I met with Dakel who helped me decide the best way to start my career. He encouraged me to take on an American Cruise Lines opportunity to reach my career goals of becoming a captain. He helped me review the pros and cons of this decision. I am now 119 days closer to my required 360 days with the organization before I can become a captain. I am happy for the advice I received from the Career Center!


Major: Information Systems and Business Analytics & Intelligence '19

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

I attended a T-Mobile Employer Spotlight event to learn about their internship program and career boot camp. I had a resume review and mock interviews with Eric Cubberly, and now I can continue my goal working for an international company. My work as a Financial Planning Analyst with T-Mobile helped me gain knowledge in a real world setting.  I could not have landed this internship without the Career Center!


Major: Computer Science '19

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

I met with Eric to discuss internship opportunities and search strategies. He  helped connect me with a Talent Scout at T-Mobile, and also helped me practice for a phone interview. His advice and assistance helped me feel prepared for this interview, which led to an internship offer from T-Mobile. This internship will help me build the fundamental skills that are crucial building blocks for a successful career in the field!


Major: Computer Science '18

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

My internship at Progressive gave me the opportunity to work with a real team to create software that improved the customer experience. I learned to ask questions, get involved with different projects outside of my assignment, and treat every day like an interview.


Major: Sports Management '20

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

I had an opportunity to attend the Winter Boot Camp over winter break and learned more about the Career Center. I was able to take advantage of the services they have with a mock interview prior to my internship interview. The mock interview prepared me to land an internship, which gets me closer to my dream career.


Major: Political Science '21

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

Beth helped me apply to The Washington Center Program and navigate challenges of moving away for a semester. The opportunity to work at the Office of the Attorney General has given me practical experience I will apply in my future career. The opportunity to live in Washington, D.C. also has been an experience I could not replicate anywhere else. It is the intersection of law, politics, and different cultures in one place!


Major: Human Development Family Studies '18

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

The Career Center helped review my resume and showed me what employers are looking for in the field. They also helped me realize how I work best with preschool aged children for future career options. I was able to gain an internship with the Child Development Lab.


Major: Social Work '18

Type of Experiential Learning: Full-Time Employment

Assistant Director, Dakel Patterson, and I sat down weekly to review job opportunities, search techniques, and cover letter and resume writing, which helped me to achieve my career goal. I was able to gain a full-time position with Empowered for Excellence as a Licensed Social Worker! The Career Center yielded a positive outcome for me and helped strengthen my skills to find a job in my career path.


Major: Business Administration '19

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

At both Bendix and Lubrizol, I was very involved with updating product sales tools such as product information sheets and catalogues. I also was involved with several larger analytical projects, analyzing sales staff strategic trends, as well as customer purchase patterns.


Major: Marketing '20

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

The Career Center helped me choose a major in Marketing and gain confidence in myself when it came time for the interview process. Assistant Director, Dakel Patterson, helped me with possible questions I might be asked and explained why I needed to believe in my ability to be successful. He talked about goal setting and future planning, and really helped me go into the interview with confidence.


Major: Microbiology '17

Type of Experiential Learning: Undergraduate Research

The Career Center and Falcon Internship Guarantee program prepared me to have the proper materials to apply to these different opportunities. Through this preparation, I was always ready for experiential learning opportunities that I came across and was comfortable talking about my relevant strengths and experiences.


Major: Apparel Merchandising and Product Development '19

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

I was able to utilize the Fall Expo Job and Internship Fair to speak with representatives from the Express Home Office. The event helped me to secure my position with Express, as they were able to put a face with my resume. I also expanded my network within the company and discussed opportunities for the future. I was contacted by Express a few days after the event and obtained an internship. 


Major: Psychology '19

Type of Experiential Learning: Internship

My internship at the Salvation Army opened my eyes to the different behaviors displayed by children. I feel that I better understand now how children work and how I can be of assistance to them when I become a clinical psychologist. Ultimately, I learned the importance of patience and having compassion for others.