Credit Transfer

If a course taken at another institution is an approved general education course at that institution, then we should, in most cases, award BG Perspective credit for it when the student transfers here. The specific guidelines for transfer of general education courses are consistent with the principle that BGSU courses not approved for the BG Perspective program at BGSU will not receive BG Perspective credit at BGSU.

  • If a course transfers in as equivalent to a BG Perspective course at BGSU, the course fulfills a BG Perspective requirement as an automatic consequence of the transfer.
  • If a course does not have a BGSU equivalent, it will transfer in as 1XXX or 3XXX. In that case, if the student can provide documentation that the course is an approved general education course at the originating institution, the college will have the authority to grant BG Perspective credit at BGSU, with the following exceptions:
    • If a course fulfills a requirement at the originating institution that does not exist at BGSU, then BG Perspective credit cannot be given for that course.
    • It may occasionally occur that a general education course elsewhere transfers in as a BGSU-equivalent course, but one that is not approved for BG Perspective credit at BGSU. For instance, it may be the case that a film course fulfills the arts and humanities requirement at another school. If the course transfers in as THFM 2620 (History of Film) BG Perspective credit will not automatically be granted. In order to be consistent with our treatment of "native" students, who do not receive BG Perspective credit for such a course, BG Perspective credit will not be granted for transfer courses of this type.
  • Transfer equivalency of English composition courses will be determined by the¬†General Studies Writing¬†program.

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:16PM