BG Perspective Committee

2022-2023 BG Perspective Committee Membership

  • Sunita Aryal Chhetri (BGP Graduate Assistant, Master of Arts in Cross- Cultural and International Education)
  • Jessica Turos (Associate Director of Academic Assessment)
  • Michelle Brodke (Firelands)
  • Staci Freeworth (Health & Human Services)
  • Laney Fugett (Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering)
  • Donna Nelson-Beene (Director BGP)
  • Cortland Rankin (Arts & Sciences- Humanities and the Arts)
  • Charles Saenz (College of Musical Arts)
  • Art Samel (Arts and Sciences- Natural Sciences & Math)
  • Laura Sheets (Chair, University Libraries)
  • Arne Spohr (Musical Arts)
  • Margaret Weinberger (Undergraduate Council)
  • Megan Wilson Thompson (Education & Human Development)- Fall only
  • Jenjira Yahirun (Arts and Sciences- Social Sciences)
  • Man Zhang (Business)
  • Phil Dickinson (Spring Semester, College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Tom Gorman (Fall Semester, College of Health & Human Services)
  • Trinka Messenheimer (College of Education & Human Development)
  • Zubair Mohamed (College of Business)
  • Charles Saenz (College of Musical Arts)
  • Jared Tuberty (College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering)

Updated: 01/31/2023 09:44AM