Graduate Studies in Spanish: Study Abroad in Spain

At BGSU we feel that studying and living abroad are so important that we make it possible for our graduate students to spend up to one year of their M.A. program in Spain.

Students who choose to take all of their coursework on campus are expected to have gained international perspectives through previous experiences. Students who choose to pursue the cultural, linguistic benefits of study abroad through BGSU’s program in Spain will have the support and guidance of BGSU faculty and staff abroad:

  • Resident Director: Dr. Susana Juárez
  • Student Affairs Coordinator: Madga Gallinat.

Alcalá de Henares is an innovative, historically rich institution founded in the late fifteenth century. Besides being a growing center of culture and activity of its own, Alcalá is within easy reach by commuter train or bus to Spain´s capital of Madrid. Graduate students may choose to live with a host family or arrange their own housing. Our undergraduate program organizes special excursions several times each semester to places of cultural importance throughout the country. For a minimal fee graduate students may join these excursions. To facilitate cultural immersion and professional development our graduate program also arranges teaching experiences (tutoring or aiding in English classes) and cultural intercambios with Spanish students.

Our Spanish program has been located in the city of Alcalá de Henares for over 50 years, and students take coursework from hand selected, experienced instructors on the campus of the Escuela Universitaria de Magisterio Cardenal Cisnernos.


Javier Blanco (ABD in History, University of Alcala -Madrid).

Teaching/Research: Historia, arte, turismo, cine, literatura.

Recent Graduate Courses

  • SPAN 5700: Hispanic Studies Topics: Art History
  • SPAN 5700: Hispanic Studies Topics: Film & Literature
  • SPAN 6200: Contemporary Spanish Civilization

Susana Juárez, Resident Director (Ph.D., Universidad de Alcalá -Madrid)

Teaching/Research: Gramática avanzada, escritura académica, pensamiento/análisis crítico, aprendizaje intercultural, service learning.

Regular Graduate Course

  • SPAN 6560: Escritura Académica y Pensamiento  Crítico

Elisabet Magro (ABD in Comparative Literature, University of Alcalá –Madrid)

Teaching/Research: Literatura medieval, libros de caballerías, Renacimiento y Barroco, Cervantes y su obra, Informática Humanística, Edición de textos.

Recent Graduate Courses

  • SPAN 5700: Hispanic Studies Topics: Peninsular Literature
  • SPAN 6420: Cervantes

Susana Marcos (Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Management of Foreign Languages, Goldsmith College, University of London, UK)

Teaching/Research: Translation, language teaching methodology, applied linguistics, cultural studies.

Recent Graduate Courses:

  • SPAN 5500: Advanced Grammar and Composition

Elena Perulero (Ph.D., Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Teaching/Research: Poesía española contemporánea, Teatro, Investigación literaria con fuentes primarias y manuscritos, Crítica textual, Literatura española y latinoamericana.

Graduate Courses:

  • SPAN 5700: Hispanic Studies Topics: Contemporary Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 5700: Hispanic Studies Topics: Literary/Textual Analysis;

Note that students spending the first year of the program in Spain take one on-line course during Fall semester from a faculty member on the BGSU campus. The purpose of this opportunity is to broaden the range of coursework, to ensure students’ knowledge of on-line access to BGSU’s library resources while abroad, and to open lines of communication regarding the Comprehensive Exam and other long-term academic advising issues.

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