Peace Corps Fellows Program


BGSU's Spanish graduate program has a long tradition of integrating cross-cultural experiences into the graduate curriculum and academic mission. As part of The Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program at BGSU, the Spanish Program offers financial assistance and a wide range of benefits to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) pursuing a graduate degree.

The Spanish Coverdell Program aims to build upon RPCVs’ practical international experience and provide opportunities to connect students experientially to the world beyond the classroom. Our faculty members are dedicated to stimulating the international and multicultural character of our program and specialize in a wide range of thematic and geographical topics to cover courses in linguistics, language pedagogy, and the literatures/cultures of Spain and Latin America.

As Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows, RPCVS:

1) complete at least 10 hours of volunteer service per academic school year (starting in Fall 2017). The report on where the volunteer service was fulfilled and how many hours were fulfilled will be submitted to BGSU's Fellows Student Coordinator.

2) fulfill the required internship experience by enrolling in a minimum of three credits of SPAN 6890: Internship in Spanish Studies. The internship experience will allow Fellows to learn from the local/regional Hispanic population in a hands-on professional setting at the same time that they offer valuable services to the community. Further, by sharing their Peace Corps experiences with the communities they serve in the United States, Fellows support the Third Goal of Peace Corps by deepening American understanding of the world and its people.

Fellows can propose their own internship field experience or they can choose one of the organizations that have been identified by BGSU as serving the needs of the Spanish Speaking population in northwest Ohio, such as Ohio Migrant Education Center (OMEC), Adelante: The Latino Resource Center, or El Centro de la Mujer. Please note that Fellows are required to complete their internship in the United States or its Territories.


BGSU is a big supporter of Coverdell Fellows. Visit the BGSU Graduate College Coverdell page and BGSU's Paul D. Coverdell Fellows site for more information about the program and current and former fellows. 


Coverdell Fellows are eligible to receive tuition scholarships sufficient to pay for enough credits to complete their degrees in a timely manner. Follow the "Costs and Scholarships" link for more information.


Current Peace Corps Volunteers who will complete service before the next academic year and those who have already completed service (RPCVs) are eligible to apply. Once admitted, Coverdell applicants must submit a signed copy of their Description of Service (DOS).

Note that we value previous language experience and that we accept proficiency achieved through service in place of formal academic study, such as a Spanish major or minor.  The specific admission requirements can be found through the "How to Apply" link on the left-hand column


There is no extra application for the Coverdell Fellows Program. Prospective Fellows complete the regular application to BGSU's graduate Spanish program and as RPCVs are automatically considered for a Fellowship. All applicants must submit all transcripts, current GRE scores, a statement of purpose, a writing sample, and three letters of recommendation. For more detailed information visit the "How to Apply" Link. 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with the initial review beginning on February 15th and notifications expected by late early March.


Coverdell Fellows are required to take a 3-credit internship in the U.S. with an organization that works with an underserved Spanish-speaking population. 

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