SOC 5200    Techniques of Demographic Analysis
SOC 5500    Gender in Families
SOC 5510     Sociology of Family Violence
SOC 6010    Classical Sociological Theory
SOC 6090    Statistical Packages
SOC 6100    Statistical Techniques and Applications in Sociology
SOC 6110     Intermediate Methodology
SOC 6120    Intermediate Statistics
SOC 6210    Population and Society
SOC 6270    Introduction to Applied Demography
SOC 6440    Deviant Behavior            
SOC 6460
  Theories of Criminality
SOC 6480   Crime Across the Life Course
SOC 6490   Neighborhoods and Crime
SOC 6500   Proseminar in Social Psychology
SOC 6530    Social Psychology of the Intimate Dyad
SOC 6540    Family Theory and Research
SOC 6560    Family Demography
SOC 6580    Sociology of Aging
SOC 6600    Teaching Introductory Sociology

SOC 6610   Professional Development
SOC 6850  
Readings in Sociology
SOC 6980
   Readings for Comprehensive Examination
SOC 6990   Thesis Research
SOC 7130    Research Design
SOC 7190    Advanced Statistics
SOC 7190    Structural Equation Modeling
SOC 7190    Regression with Limited Dependent Variables
SOC 7200    Techniques of Demographic Analysis II (Event History Analysis)
SOC 7260    Migration
SOC 7270    Morbidity and Mortality 
SOC 7280
    Human Fertility and Family Planning
SOC 7310     Sociology of Adolescence
SOC 7380    Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 7410    Crime and Punishment
SOC 7500    Advanced Social Psychology 
SOC 7530   
SOC 7850    Readings in Sociology
SOC 7980    Readings for Preliminary Examination
SOC 7990    Dissertation Research

Rarely Offered Courses

SOC 5860    Workshop in Sociology
SOC 6020    Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 6290    Market Demography
SOC 6360    Social Stratification
SOC 6430    Small Groups
SOC 6590    Sociology of Education
SOC 6800    Seminar in Selected Topics
SOC 6800    Social Psychology of Race
SOC 6890    Internship in Sociology
SOC 6940    Workshop on Current Topics in Sociology
SOC 7070    Theory Construction in Sociology

SOC 7160    Advanced Studies in Methodology
SOC 7210    Indirect Methods for Demographic Estimation
SOC 7220    Population Forecasting
SOC 7230    Population and Third World Development
SOC 7250    Seminar in Demography and Ecology
SOC 7430    Sociology of Violence
SOC 7450    Sociology of Law
SOC 7600    Internship in College Teaching
SOC 7800   
Seminar in Selected Topics
SOC 7890    Internship in Sociology

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