Services Offered


We offer a number of assessment and therapy services. We can provide assessments in the following areas:

  • Cognitive/Intellectual Evaluation
  • ID/DD Evaluation
  • Personality Testing
  • Assessment/Diagnosis of Behavioral Disorders
  • Child Assessment
  • Gender Identity/Readiness for medical intervention
  • Learning Disorder Evaluation
  • ADHD Evaluation
  • Bariatric Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Assessment for addiction disorders
  • If you have a specific assessment that is not listed above, please call us. If we cannot conduct the assessment ourselves, we can refer you to a competent specialist in the area.

Additionally, we can provide therapy for numerous concerns using several modalities including:

  • Individual
  • Couple
  • Family
  • Group

Our students and supervisors have training and experience in a number of psychological concerns. Rest assured that our staff is more than likely able to address your concern.

Updated: 08/01/2019 02:22PM