Frequently Asked Questions

No, though we are on campus, we are a clinic that services the entire community.

Being a training clinic simply means that we provide BGSU doctoral students in clinical psychology the opportunity to gain clinical training experience at this site. Because the student clinicians are not licensed, each case is supervised by a fully licensed clinical psychologist.

Our graduate students vary in age, but all are advanced graduate students. This means that they have already completed their undergraduate (4-year Bachelor’s) degree, and are currently seeking their doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in psychology.

A psychologist is not trained in pharmacology (drug therapy), and is unable to write prescriptions.

We do not, but we are able to refer interested parties to local psychiatrists.

Please call us at (419) 372-2540. You will be asked for some background information as well as a brief summary of your concern. Cases are assigned to therapists on a weekly basis. Once your case is assigned, you will receive a call from your therapist to schedule an appointment.

We are located in Suite 300 of the Psychology Building (located on Merry St.) at Bowling Green State University. Take the elevator up to the third floor and make a right.

If you require parking, you will be sent a temporary parking pass that is valid for Lot Y. There are two spots designated for PSC clients in the row facing the Psychology building.  If possible, please park in one of those two spots.  Note that if you are a student, you will not be provided with a parking pass.

You may encounter students due to our location, but your contact will likely be minimal. The parking lot is in close proximity to the Psychology Building. The building has private side and back entrances. Once in the building, it is a short walk to the elevator and from the elevator to our Suite. Our office is a suite, which means that we are relatively isolated from the other people and activities in the building.

We offer a sliding scale. Rates differ based on your ability to pay. Please call for more information.

We accept insurance. We also accept cash and check for co-pays and out of pocket payers.

There are tremendous differences between therapeutic approaches. Given the diversity in therapeutic outlooks amongst our students and supervisors, it is difficult to speculate exactly what your experience may be like. However, if you are concerned, we recommend asking your therapist this question during the initial meeting. 

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:50PM