Resources For Researchers

Overview of the For Researcher section of this website

  • This section of the web site is designed to provide resources people who want to conduct research on faith and families
  • Current State of Science - critique of empirical research on the role of spirituality and religion in family life, along with key readings & citation lists of peer-reviewed studies published in journals from 1980-2009
  • Relational Spirituality Framework - information about a framework that organizes the widespread but scattered literature on faith and family life. This framework highlights what we do and don't know. The framework is intended to help researchers identify gaps in the literature, and identify the many important and fascinating research questions left to address.
  • Constructs & Our Measures - information about constructs & our measures that take a closer look at specific spiritual beliefs and practices centered on family life that may impact family relationships, for better or worse. We have posted copies of measures that we have developed in our research group (SPiRiT) to assess specific psychospiritual constructs centered on family relationships. 
  • Relational Spirituality Conference

Updated: 03/17/2021 11:14PM