Overview of the About section of this website

  • Our Psychology of Spirituality and Family Relationship website highlights scientific research on the helpful and harmful roles that religion and spirituality can play in family life. In this "About" section of our website, we offer our definitions of relational spirituality, religion, and spirituality. We also describe our major study on spirituality and the transition to parenthood. We also offer information about our research group, other researchers, and the Templeton Foundation, who funded our transition to parenthood study.
  • Click Relational Spirituality for how we define Relational Spirituality and an overview of research on faith and family life
  • Click Transition to Parenthood Project for information about our Transition to Parenthood Study
  • Click Defining Religion and Spirituality for how we define Religion and Spirituality
  • Click Our Research Team for information about us
  • Click Other Research Teams for information about other research groups we know who are interested in faith and family life
  • Click John Templeton Foundation for information about our funding source

Other major sections of website - also see the left-side navigation window of this website  

  • Our website has three other major sections that provide scientific information about faith and family life. Links to each section are listed below. Each link goes to an overview page that provides a more detailed outline of that section.
  • Click Research Findings for the section of our website that summarizes key empirical findings on relational spirituality, for better and worse 
  • Click For Researchers for the section of our website that provides information for conducting studies on relational spirituality, for better and worse
  • Click For Families/Quizzes for the section of our website that has quizzes to take on the relational spirituality of family relationships

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