Other Research Teams

This page provides two working lists intended to help people interested in the scientific study of spirituality and family relationships find each other. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be added! We also posted web page links that these researchers have sent us. We hope to update this list at a later time with more information about people’s university and departmental affiliations as well as department or individual web pages.

In the meantime, you can Google individuals or look up their work in a search engine (e.g., PsycINFO, ISI). Also see our web page For Researchers for lists of publications from 1980-2009 and charts of number of studies on the scientific study of faith and family life. You may be surprised at how few studies actually exist and how wide open this sub-field is for more exciting lines of research.

1. Graduate students and faculty from psychology, sociology, family studies, or medical departments who we know have published at least two scientific papers on focused on the role of spirituality\religion and any area of family life in peer-reviewed outlets since around 1990 OR are actively working on new empirical projects that focus on this topic. Again, feel free to send an email to add yourself to this list.

  • Amy Adamczyk
  • Alicia Adsera
  • David Atkins
  • John Bartkowski
  • Chris Boyatzis
  • Steven Beach
  • Gina Brelsford
  • Mark Butler
  • Sian Cotten
  • Melinda Denton
  • David Dollahite
  • Penny Edgel
  • Chris Ellison
  • Frank Fincham
  • Sally Gallagher
  • Brandt Gardner
  • R.F. Gillum
  • Marjorie Gunnoe
  • Daniel Grossoehme
  • Conrad Hackett
  • Andrea Henderson
  • George Holden
  • D. Elizabeth Jesse
  • Mary Ellen Konieczny
  • Ariel Kor
  • Nathaniel Lambert
  • Evelyn Lehrer
  • Daniel Lichter
  • Mark Lynn
  • Loren Marks
  • Ramona Oswald
  • Michelle Pearce
  • Mark Regnerus
  • Jennifer Ripley
  • Sharon Rostosky
  • Darrel Sherkat
  • Christian Smith
  • Anne Sparks
  • Scott Stanley
  • Chuck Stokes
  • Nichole Murray Swank
  • Froma Walsh
  • Brad Wilcox
  • Nicholas Wolfinger
  • Ev Worthington

2. Professional scientific groups from various social science disciplines who have a special interest in religion and spirituality.

  • American Psychological Association, Division 36, Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
  • National Council of Family Relations, Religion and Family Life Section
  • American Sociological Association, Section on Sociology of Religion
  • Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (ABCT) Spiritual & Religious Issues Special Interest Group

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