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April 1st   J.P. Scott Distinguished Lecture on Wed evening at 6:30pm in 112 Life Sciences by Dr. Bruce Overmier

Title:  Some Unrecognized Origins of Clinical Psychological Treatments

Homepage of Dr. Overmier at University of Minnesota

April 2nd  Brown Bag lecture by Dr. Bruce Overmier


Title: The struggle to understand the psychosomatic nature of gastric ulcer.


In 2005, Dr. Barry Marshall won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of a stomach bacterium called Helicobacter pylori that is associated with ulcer disease.  This discovery displaced the popular Alexanderian belief that the primary causes of gastric ulcers were psychological and stress-based, which had guided much of earlier research in our field. The new view was of a disease where “kill the bug and cure the ulcer” is the resulting model.  But, there may reasons to doubt the primary causal role of the bacterium, and there yet may be a place for psychology in understanding this disease.  Behavioral and physiological psychology research with animal models will be presented that confirms psychological factors as important in gastric ulcer.  Resolution of the conundrum of ulcer disease likely relies on rejection of Cartesian mind-body dualism and continues with an analysis of interdependent modulating cofactors.

April 9 Open

April 16  University of Toledo Conference on Psychiatry, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences 

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