Neuroscience Seminar

January 26th   Howard Casey Cromwell & Michael Geusz: ‘Do Hairless Mice Groom?

February 2, Joseph Bak-Coleman: "Group size enhances rheotactic behavior in Giant Danio."

February 9, Kimberly Binkley: “Relative reward effect and ultrasonic vocalizations”

February 16,  Dr. Verner Bingman

February 23, Diana Klimas:  "Spatial Probability Integration and Decision Making in Homing Pigeons"

March 1, Jeremy Didion:  "Object perception and visual recognition in a Lake Malawi cichlid, Melanochromis auratus" (JP Scott Fellowship Winner)

March 14th    Dr. Lique Coolen

Psychology, Univ. Michigan


March 15, David Mankin  ‘A Cross Fostering Analysis of the Effects of PCB on Thyroid Status and Behavioral Development in Rat Pups’

March 22, Ryan Peterson

March 29, Vishal Sharma (JP Scott Fellowship Winner)

April 5, Bill (I have no idea who Bill is)

April 12, Undergraduate Neuroscience research presentations

April 19, UT Psychiatry Conference on Behavior and Mind

April 26, Brain Awareness Event : Brain, Mind and Spirit with Dr. Gregory Quirk