2014 Neuroscience Brown Bag

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Neuroscience Brown Bag Series: Spring 2014

January 30                   Naima Dahir (BAM Lab)

Stress-Regulation and its impact on Neural Inhibitory Gating: A Cross-Cultural Analysis                                

February 6                   Vincent Coppola (Bingman lab)

Effects of aging on memory processes in the pigeon model   

February 13                 Sara Worley (Philosophy)

Free will vs. determinism: neuroscience and philosophy perspectives

February 20                 Astha Malik (Geusz Lab)

Role of Circadian Rhythms in Adult Neurogenesis

February 27                 Huber Lab                                                        

March 6                       Sanna Yuan (BAM lab)

Developmental Impact of Stress and Antidepressant Exposure on learning and memory

March 20                     Cordula Mora

March 27                     Ryan Yoder, IUPU-Fort Wayne

April 3                         Onur Güntürkün, Ruhr University, Germany, J.P. Scott Speaker

April 10                       Jake Graving (Wiegmann lab)

April 17                       Coombs Lab

April 24                       Justin McGraw (BAM lab)

Nicotine effects on novel object recognition and USVs


May 1st                       Josh Ricker (BAM lab)

Choice behavior in the rat using a novel 3-box paradigm