J P Scott Memorial Symposium

Development and Social Behavior

Saturday, September 30, 2000, 9-5 pm at 117 Olscamp Hall, Bowling Green State University

Steve Ballard (Graduate Dean) and Paul Moore (Director of the Center for Neuroscience, Mind & Behavior):
Introductory Remarks

Robert Blanchard , Univ. of Hawaii: "Biological Perspectives on Aggression and Defense: Continuing the Work of J. P. Scott"
(Introduction by Ken Davis)

Michael Meaney , McGill University: "Maternal Care, Gene Expression and the Development of Individual Differences"
(Introduction by John Gurski)

Chuck Snowdon , Univ. of Wisconsin: "Social Development in cooperatively-breeding Monkeys: Communication and Infant Care"
(Introduction by Terry Pettijohn)

Karen Overall , Univ. of Pennsylvania: "Veterinary Behavioral Pharmacology: Dual roles for treatment and natural animal model development and testing" (Introduction by Jaak Panksepp)

Ben Ginsburg , Univ. of Connecticut and Mike Bradie , Bowling Green State University: "Remembrance and Open Comment"
Banquet: Dan Freedman (Univ. of Chicago): "From Puppies and Babies to east-west Differences"

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