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A photo of Justin McGraw and Josh Ricker together at graduation 2018 in August outside on a beautiful summer graduation day. They both recently added to their families and in their arms are holding future falcons and biopsychologists who will solve the problems of the future. Justin McGraw defended his dissertation research May 2018. He presented a public defense in the Psychology Building and did a outstanding job.  His experimental work focused on relative reward effects using the alcohol preferring rat line (P rats).  His expertise spans diverse methods including histology and behavior. Justin's main interests include behavioral and neurobiological mechanisms of addiction.

Josh Ricker defended his dissertation research May 4th 2018. He is off to do teaching and research at Wright State University.  He completed a study using functional magnetic resonance imaging and concussions.  Great job Josh!

Rachel Atchley  PhD 

In 2014 Rachel graduated after working on clinical neuroscience topic of Inhibitory gating.  She made progress on examining the impact of Mindfulness Meditation on elementary brain mechanisms of inhibition.

She left BGSU to work as a Post-doctoral fellow at Oregon Health Sciences Institute.

 Naima Dahir   Masters Degree from the MACIE Program at BGSU

Naima is the pioneer in Cultural Neuroscience here at BGSU.  She examined brain signals between individuals in different cultures and how they were differentially modulated by stress.


Emily Webber PhD

We celebrate a successful PhD defense.  Emily presented to the public and then defended her ideas in front of the committee.

Congratulations Emily and good luck at National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda.

Pictured are Emily's parents, Vipa and Casey and Emily Webber and Tracey Raybourne.




David Mankin, M.S.



Kelley M. Harmon, PhD 

Graduated in December of 2010.  She is currently teaching at Southern Indiana University.  Congratulations Kelley!


Ryan P.  Mears, PhD
Currently at MGH and Harvard University working in Clinical Neurophysiology
His expertise is in animal models of schizophrenia and inhibitory gating.  Pictured are Drs. Li, Cromwell,  Mears and Boutros at a Clinical Neurophysiology meeting in Boston.   

Nicole Dover MS Biological Sciences


Christa Bowen, MS Biological Sciences

Christa was a wonderful researcher and person. She was tragically killed in a car accident in Bowling Green, Ohio.  

We miss Christa and loved working with her. 

This picture shows Christa holding my daughter Teeda Cromwell at one of the Meserve's soupfests.

Ashley McFarland, MA Research Technician at University of Pittsburgh in Neuroimaging.


Travis Beckwith is currently in the neuroscience program at University of Cincinnati


Christina Asbrock MS Biology  Occupational Therapist

Dena Krishnan
, MS Biology   Medical School

Christina and Dena enjoying presents at the Soupfest


Dena Krishnan makes headlines  (People Magazine in Sept 2010 ) with her work in medical school.

Avanti  Desai, MS Biology  research technician at Case Western University

Victoria Eck M.S. Biology

Katie Hiler
, MS Biology  research technician at St. Jude's Hospital, Memphis

Cynthia Toth
MS Biology


Undergraduate Research Scholars and Assistants: GO FALCONS!


2017 Neuroscience graduates:

Kylee Smith

Joey Lubrera

Ben Fry and Zach Knauss

We had 2017 CURS Scholars:

Rob Goldsmith and Marko Filopovic

Several other research assistants:

Melissa Miller

Jasmine Smith

Najae Bolden-Hall

and Jasmine Williams 


Zackery T. Knauss

Melanie Queener

Jacob LaLonde

Jacob Bischoff

Alexander Donald Price

Ben Fry

Kylee Smith




Lexie Schimdt presenting her work on incentive contrast using a new paradigm.  The work could lead to more reliable relative reward effects that could enable work on drug addiction and mental illness to understand the neurobiology of these disorders.




2015 Team included


Richard Kopchock who graduated and left for graduate program in neuroscience at the University of Miami Department of Biology


Alex Tyson who traveled around the world learning medicine and preparing to help others


Devin Daniel who has lots of creative ideas for research projects both human and non-human animal work experiences.

Luke Zona was our 2014 Center for Undergraduate Research Scholar.  His main interests are in psychopharmacology. His project focused on ethanol exposure and decision-making.


Christina Downey working in the BAM Lab at BGSU.


Jonathan Meier Senior Honors Project entitled ' The effects of anxiety on sensory gating'

Brandon Schmidt

Trevor Ingle

Kyla Huband

Rachel Drown



Captain Dan D. Powers:

A real super-hero in the lab!


Hannah Douglas

 (2102-2013 Honors Project)


Paige Nicole Reinhart-Anez  2013 National Science Foundation SETGO Scholar

Justin Hatch (2013 Center for Undergraduate Research Scholar)

Kelsey Bensen

Rykelle Showalter

Kenneth Myers

Christina Curts

Nicole Chambers (Graduate School at Western Kentucky University)






Matt Oczypok: Congratulations on getting into Medical School!



Jay Torres-Almodovar


Samantha Pena (and her family) updated photo from 2014 of Samantha

Jose Gomez

Barry Rush

Ethan Miller (Researcher at UC San Diego)

Megan Greenwald (Neuroscience Graduate Student at U Michigan)

Andrew Klein (Working for Plexon Neuroscience research tools)

Ryan Ward (Grad School in Industrial/Organizational Psych)

Sarah Echols (Social Worker in Chicago IL)

George Arlington Wilson

Nicole Chase

Micheal Stoffer

Kyle Shaw

Nic Baldwin

Tran Trang

Megan Horinek

Asia Johnson (Grad School at Emory University in Neuroscience)

Logan McNight

Shannon Burt

Candace Gesicki

Steven Groh

Justin McGraw

Whitney Smith

Sarah Reuss (Medical school at University of Toledo)

Tarshree Sawyer

Marilynn Lynch



Justin McGraw working hard in the laboratory