Howard Casey Cromwell, PhD

Lee A. Meserve, PhD

Graduate Students: the heart and soul of the operation!


Brittany Halverstadt MA

She is working on incentive motivation and behavior.  She completed her master's degree with a fine write up on variety effects on operant behavior using the rat.  For her dissertation, we are hoping to complete a thorough investigation of contrafreeloading..another important motivational process observed in diverse species.  Plans include neurobiological investigation.


Sanna Yuan

Her interests include developmental psychopathology and she is currently looking at EEG oscillations and how they vary across emotional states.



Ken Myers has joined the research team.  He is interested in combining interests in clinical, developmental and biopsychology. He has worked with and monitored rodent ultrasounds.  He is currently working on risk taking and developing a novel model for gambling-like activity using the rat.  Ken 'Tha Gambler' Myers is making headway toward understanding brain and behavior in the BAM lab at BGSU. 


Animal Models provide new ways to develop therapies for psychological impairment and allow for a better understanding of the brain basis of behavior, motivation and emotion