Ilyoung Ju


  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Phone: 419-372-4322
  • Email:
  • Address: 404 Kuhlin Center


Ilyoung Ju is an assistant professor in the School of Media and Communications at Bowling Green State University. His current research interests include Advertising Effectiveness and Consumer Psychology. His studies have appeared in journals such as Journal of Advertising, Journal of Current Issues & Advertising Research, Applied Cognitive Psychology, Management Decision, Journal of Global Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Communications.


Ph.D. Mass Communication emphasis in Advertising, University of Florida
M.A. Advertising, University of Florida
B.A. Advertising, Kookmin University (Seoul, South Korea)

Courses Taught:
Introduction to Interactive Advertising and Social Media
Social Media Campaign

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Select Representative Works:

Ju, I., Kim, E. J., Bluck, S., & Jun, J. W. (Accepted for publication). The Effect of Reminiscence Bump on Nostalgic Advertising: Cross-Cultural Perspective (U.S. vs. South Korea). International Journal of Communication.

Ju, I., and Lou, C. (2022) Influencer Marketing: Relationship Moderates the Effect of Influencer-product congruence. Journal of Interactive Advertising.

Wu, L., Park S., Ju, I. (2021). Exploring the Influence of Future Time perspective on the Effectiveness of Process- and Outcome-Focus Mental Simulation in Advertisements. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising.

He, Y, Ju, I., Chen, W., Alden, D., Zhu, H., & Xi, K. (2019) Managing Negative Word-of-Mouth: The Interplay between Locus of Causality and Social Presence. Journal of Services Marketing,

Ju. I., Bluck. S., and Liao, H. (2018). Future Time Perspective Moderates Consumer Responses to Nostalgic Advertising. GeroPsych.

Ju, I., He, Y, Chen, W., He, W., Shen, B., and Sar, S. (2017) The Mindset to Share: An Exploration of Antecedents of Narrowcasting Versus Broadcasting in Digital Advertising. Journal of Advertising. 46(4), 473-486.

Ju, I., Kim, J. H., Chang, J. W., and Bluck, S. (2016). Nostalgia Marketing, Perceived Self-Continuity, and Consumer Decisions. Management Decision, 54(8), 2063-2083.

Ju, I., Choi, Y., Morris, J., Liao, H. W., & Bluck, S. (2016). Creating Nostalgic Advertising Based on the Reminiscence Bump: Diachronic Relevance and Purchase Intent. Applied Cognitive Psychology.

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