Bailey Dick, PH.D.


  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Email:
  • Address: 400 Kuhlin Center


Dr. Dick’s research examines the power of personal stories to disrupt systemic inequities. As a historian and critical media scholar, her research seeks to better understand how women writers integrate their experiences with trauma in their work. She is particularly interested in the long history of #MeToo-style writing, factors that mitigate the commodification of women’s stories in the media, and the role of faith and religion in first-person writing—particularly in the case of soon-to-be-Catholic saint Dorothy Day.  Her work has been published in Journalism HistoryAmerican JournalismAmerican Catholic Studies, and The Columbia Journalism Review. Before entering academia, she worked as a reporter for The Toledo Free Press, Chicago Sun-Times, and ran press and media on a number of high-profile political and issue campaigns and tours.


Ph.D. Ohio University
M.S. Ohio University
B.A. Loyola University Chicago

Courses Taught:

Journalism and Public Relations Writing
Intermediate Writing and Reporting

Select Representative Works:

Dick, Bailey. “‘We females have to be contented with the tales of adventures’: Trauma and Gender in Dorothy Day’s Early Reporting.” American Journalism. vol 38, no. 1. (2021): 28-53.

Dick, Bailey. “The Catholic Worker’s Reporting on Civil Rights and Racial Justice.” American Catholic Studies, vol 131, no. 4. (2020): 1-31.

Dick, Bailey. “Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker’s Legacy of Pacifism” in Journalism’s Ethical Progression: A Twentieth-Century Journey, Gwyneth Mellinger and John Ferrè, eds. Lanham: Lexington Books. 2019. 

Dick, Bailey. “‘Is It Not Possible to Be a Radical and a Christian?’: Dorothy Day’s Evolving Relationship with the Patriarchal Norms of Journalism and Catholicism.” Journalism History, vol 45, no. 4 (2019): 311–29.

Dick, Bailey. “Journalists Need More Help than Ever Coping with Work Trauma.” Columbia Journalism Review, (2019).

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