High School Preparation

A strong high school college preparatory curriculum is essential for success in any program at the University. Students should follow the college preparatory curriculum as set forth by the Ohio Advisory Commission on Articulation between Secondary Schools and Ohio Colleges. This includes four units (credits) of English, three units of college preparatory mathematics, three units of science, three units of social studies, two units of the same foreign language and one unit of the visual or performing arts. Students who have not taken all these recommended courses may be required to take University courses to make up any deficiencies. This may delay completion of the major.

Students desiring to major in mathematics should have four years of college preparatory mathematics in high school, including two years of algebra and a year of geometry. The fourth year should be devoted primarily to a study of the elementary functions (including trigonometry) and analytic geometry. A year of physics and a year of chemistry are also desirable. Students without four years of high school mathematics may be able to overcome this deficiency by taking the appropriate introductory mathematics courses but will find that such a program will delay the study of the required courses.

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:47PM