Student Testimonials

I am presently employed at the National Security Agency as a cryptologic mathematician. For the record, the NSA is the agency which makes and breaks codes, running the entire gambit from cellphones to computers to satellite exchanges. The NSA is under the Department of Defense, helping to guarantee our men come home, safely and as quickly as possible. The mathematicians at NSA are among the best thinkers and problem-solvers, as well as well-rounded mathematicians, this nation has to offer.

As an undergraduate at Bowling Green State University, I had an extremely diverse background in various areas of mathematics, taking the full-range from pure mathematics such as Modern Algebra to applied mathematics such as Numerical Analysis. All of these, I use on a regular basis, from pure to applied, in my researches at NSA. Acoss the board, I found the professors here to be most willing to help whenever possible, even to the extent of taking the time to meet outside of scheduled office hours.

I speak not only as a graduate of BGSU, but also as a person who went further and earned a Ph.D. in mathematics. I did my graduate work at a different institution following my four years' undergraduate work at BGSU [Ph.D., Kent State, 2001}, which is itself a testimony that BGSU can and does prepare people for mathematics "away from the nest" as it were. I state with no reservations and with absolute certainty that the education I received at BGSU's mathematics department prepared me for graduate school and for work beyond every bit as well as any other institution in the United States could have done. For any considering earning a mathematics degree at Bowling Green State University, you will, with appropriately sufficient time and effort spent on studies, get everything out of the education you put into it.

I had a great experience at Bowling Green State University. My mathematics professors seemed to really care about my learning development and offered me fantastic suggestions that helped me prepare for my future. The opportunities that I had at BGSU helped me later excel in graduate school and in the actuarial profession.

My experience at BGSU definitely prepared me for the "real world". The math and statistics skills I learned at BGSU were invaluable for both my job as an actuary and for studying to get my actuarial credentials. Also, teaching classes as a teaching assistant prepared me to lead training sessions on the job. It helped to rid me of the fear of speaking in front of people. I would definitely recommend BGSU's math and statistics program. The professors are excellent instructors plus they remain approachable and friendly.

My four years in the BGSU mathematics department were fantastic! The professors are very qualified, enthusiastic, and friendly, and they truly want the students to learn and enjoy mathematics. There is quite a variety of courses available to undergraduates, including graduate-level courses for those students who seek an extra challenge. Also, the professors are often willing to guide students in independent study or research opportunities. My education at BGSU certainly prepared me well for graduate work in mathematics. [Ph.D., 2005, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.]

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