Transferring Math Courses into BGSU

Transferring Math courses into BGSU

When a student transfers courses to BGSU, Transfer Evaluation Services in the Office of Registration and Records consults a list of standard transfer equivalencies to determine the BGSU course, if any, that the transferred course is equivalent to.  If one is found, it is listed with the appropriate BGSU department and course number.  The list of equivalencies for Math courses is made up by a representative from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.  Courses that transfer in as a specific BGSU course can be used to meet the prerequisite for Math courses.  Note, however, that transferring in a course does not change the student's math placement code.

Established course equivalencies between different universities can be checked at Transferology.  Read more about transfer credit evaluation.

Courses transferring in as Math 1XXX or 3XXX

In some cases, no equivalent course can be determined, and so a course may transfer in as Math 1XXX or 3XXX.  Such a course cannot be used to automatically satisfy the prerequisite for another Math course.   

A student who has a math course that transfers in as Math 1XXX or 3XXX and needs to take a later Math course has a few options:

  • It may be possible to use a course that transferred in as 1XXX or 3XXX as a prerequisite to a higher level course
  • It may be possible to use an ACT or SAT math score and high school GPA to get an "automated" math placement into Math 1230, 1280, 1310, or 1340
  • It is possible to take a Math Placement Test to try to place into Math 1230, 1280, 1310, or 1340.  If the student does not score well enough, the student should take the prerequisite course.  

For all three cases above, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics by writing to

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