Bernard Gundlach (1907-2000)

BS in ME, Polytechnical Institute,Hannover Germany; PhD
University of Hamburg. He was at BGSU 1956-61 and left to join the Educational Research
Council of Greater Cleveland. His specialty was mathematics education.

Council of Greater Cleveland image

His publications and presentations include

  • “A New Approach to the Teaching of Elementary Mathematics” at the 1957 meeting of the Ohio
    Section of the Mathematical Association of America.
  • “Implications of Modern Teaching Trends in Junior High and High School Mathematics for the
    Teaching of Arithmetic in the Elementary Grades”,School Science and Mathematics , vol. 61,
    no. 7, pp. 489-500, 1961.  Also presented at the Annual Convention of the Central
    Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers, Detroit, Michigan, November 25, 1960.
  • Basic mathematics for elementary teachers, 1961
  • “The History of Numbers and Numerals”. NCTM Yearbook (31st), 18-86, 1969
  • Educational Research Council of Greater Cleveland.
    Elementary number games and puzzles, 1951
    G.C.M.P. suggested enrichment topics for intermediate level,: Grades 4-5-6
    G.C.M.P. suggested mathematics topics for review and enrichment,: [grades] 5-8
  • New Laidlaw mathematics series.
    Beginning numbers,1974
    The Laidlaw glossary of arithmetical-mathematical terms, 1961
    Sets, numbers, numerals 1-2 1965
    Junior high school mathematics, 7
    Numerous grade level texts

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