Ray Steiner (1942-2014)


Ray received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1963 and then his Masters of Science in 1965. In 1968, Ray received his Ph. D from the Arizona State University, where he did his thesis “On the units in a quadratic field with applications to Mordell's equation”.

In 1968, Dr. Steiner became an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bowling Green State University and in 1972 became an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics. In 1979, Dr. Steiner became a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Bowling Green State University, where he taught classes to Undergraduates, Graduate students, until his retirement in 1998. During his career at Bowling Green State University, Dr. Steiner had over 35 publications in numerous books and papers.

Dr. Steiner was a member of the NCTM, the American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, the Fibonacci Association, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Northern Ohio Mathematics Group.

Besides his interest in teaching mathematics, Dr. Steiner was fluent in nine languages and also enjoyed studying music. He played the violin and the viola. During his undergraduate and graduate studies, Ray played for the orchestras in Tucson, Arizona where he had guest performances with Howard Hanson, Ferde Groffe and Aaron Coplain. When Ray came to Bowling Green, he played in the First Presbyterian Church in the Handbell Choir and also at the First Christian Church in its Handbell Choir until his passing. Dr. Steiner also enjoyed doing puzzles in Game Magazine, his Ham Radio and was certified to do Morris Code.  

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