Alexander Izzo

Adjunct Research Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403-0206

Research Interests

  • Banach algebras
  • Functional analysis
  • Function theory
  • Several complex variables

Publications (since 2004)

A normal uniform algebra that fails to be strongly regular at a peak point, arXiv:2308.13951

A sharper Swiss cheese, arXiv:2211.14684

Weak sequential completeness of uniform algebras (joint with Joel Feinstein), Irish Math. Soc. Bulletin (accepted)

Polynomially convex sets whose union has nontrivial hull, Indiana Univ. Math. J. (accepted)

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(joint with Hakan Samuelsson Kalm and Erlend Fornaess Wold),
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