Coming to BGSU from all over the country and beyond, students in the Rhetoric & Writing program are a diverse group. Their interests, research and otherwise, are equally diverse, revealed as much by the short biographies below as by their e-portfolios. The latter of these are an important part of all Rhetoric & Writing students' professional development.


Muhammed Alamri

Muhammad Alamri

Muhammad came all the way from Saudi Arabia with his wife, Alaa, and their two-year old boy, Thamer. Muhammad earned his undergraduate degree in English Language in Saudi Arabia from Taif University. He holds a Masters degree in TESOL from The New School, New York City. He is also an English language lecturer and teacher trainer at Taif University. While teaching for a few years in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad developed a keen interest in the field of Rhetoric and Composition studies. For him, choosing Bowling Green State University is a great opportunity to enhance his knowledge in the field. In his free time, Muhammad likes spending time with his family, traveling and watching scientific and action movies.

Charity Anderson

Charity Anderson (she/her/hers)

Charity Anderson holds four undergraduate degrees with honors (Applied Science in Biology, Art, English, and Adolescent to Young Adult Education), an MA in English: Language and Literature, and a highly qualified teaching license for language arts in Ohio. She has fifteen years of teaching experience in Ohio and Michigan. She is now a Ph.D. student, Research Assistant, and the Presidential Diversity Scholarship recipient at BGSU.

Charity also currently teaches part-time at Lourdes University and the University of Toledo and enjoys a per diem teaching role in Sylvania schools. She is also the founder and CEO of PASS for God's Children.

She is an award-winning published poet and short story writer who is involved in local creative events when she has free time from being the mother of three small children. Her largest audience was 5,000 people at the Toledo Seagate Convention Centre in 2012 when she was selected to deliver the graduation commencement speech for Lourdes University.

Several conference papers she has presented that represent her research interests include: "Do Not Hold Your Tongue: Practical Ways of Overcoming the Monolingual Bias in American Schools," "Mother of the Imagist Movement: Exploring the Authenticity of Birth in H.D.'s Poetry," "Investigating Paranormal Investigators: A Study of the Communication Found through Text Transmission," and "Bridging the Generational Gap: Cultivating Classical Film Appreciation in the Millennial and Post-Millennial College Composition Classroom".  

Brandie Bohney

Brandie Bohney (she/her/hers)

After (mostly) raising two amazing kids and spending roughly a decade teaching high school English in Indiana, Brandie discovered that she was, in fact, the subject of a famous Rolling Stones song: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” While completing her MA in English and a Master’s Certificate in the Teaching of Writing at IUPUI, she realized that she wanted to be doing more research, writing, publishing, and presenting than her schedule as a secondary teacher would allow. In a strange midlife crisis, she moved her amazing and supportive husband and children twice so that she can focus on scholarly pursuits, including preservice English teacher preparation in the teaching of writing, devalued Englishes, and discovery learning in writing classrooms. Now surrounded by amazing scholars who teach her how to be a better academic, researcher, thinker, and person every day, she knows for certain that “if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”

Clay Chiarelott

Clay Chiarelott (he/him/his)

Clay Chiarelott is currently a first-year PhD student in the Rhetoric and Writing program at BGSU and is a graduate teaching assistant in the University Writing Program (UWP). Prior to coming to BGSU, he was the Writing Center Coordinator at the University of Toledo for two years and the Writing Center Coordinator at Mercy College of Ohio for nine, but his first experience working in a writing center was actually at BGSU during his master's degree in English literature. He loves talking about writing to anyone who is interested, whether classrooms full of students or in one-on-one tutoring and conferencing sessions. When not geeking out over writing, Clay enjoys watching comedies of all types-stand-up comedy, sitcoms, comedic films, and more-and also considers himself a trivia buff who dreams of one day appearing on Jeopardy (although in the meantime, trivia nights out with friends suffice).  

Annie Cigic

Annie Cigic (she/her/hers)

Annie Cigic, a native of Northeast Ohio, earned her BA in Law and Social Thought and Writing at The University of Toledo in 2015. After spending a year working in restaurants, tossing up the idea of going to law school, and writing poetry, she pursued an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Driftwood Press, honey & lime, Gordon Square Review, Havik, and elsewhere. She discovered her passion for teaching writing while pursuing an MFA, which led her to the Rhetoric and Writing Ph.D. Program.

Her research interests lie in the realm of female perception and agency, both in the material and digital contexts. More specifically, she wants to study the way women are treated online, the culture of consent, and subcultures of motherhood. Honing in on these topics, she is interested in the agency of women's voices in spaces like YouTube comments, and the perception of non-traditional mothers, specifically found in birth mother and adoption communities.

When it comes to her teaching, she is interested in community building pedagogy, discovering the place of creative writing in composition studies, and how to define creative and academic writing as synonymous in a first-year composition course. Being a creative writer has a huge impact on who she is as a scholar and she is currently working on a poetry manuscript. Beyond teaching and writing, she has found an interest in gardening, longing to travel to National Parks in the U.S., video games, baking and cooking, cosmetology, and visual art to accompany her poetry.

Renee Ann Drouin

Renee Ann Drouin (she/her/hers)

Renee Ann Drouin, originally from Stafford Springs, Connecticut, received her BA in English with minors in writing and history from Eastern Connecticut State University and her MA in English with a focus in Writing Studies from Rutgers University-Camden. Renee’s research interests include writing center pedagogy, feminist rhetoric, digital rhetoric, and video game studies. Her Master’s thesis applied domestic and feminist rhetoric to deconstruct immortal creatures in the popular gaming series Resident Evil. Outside of academia, she’s busy skyping her sister Erin, crying over the Chicago Blackhawks, and looking at pictures of puppies.

Rachel Flynn

Rachel Flynn

Rachel is originally from Spokane, Washington. She has a BA in English from Whitworth University and an MA in English from Eastern Washington University. She spent 4 years teaching composition and working with tutors at Heritage University before moving to Ohio with her family. Rachel's primary research areas of interest are in Basic Writing, Writing Transfer, and Writing Center Theory. She spends any free time with her husband and two toddlers. She especially enjoys taking her boys to play spaces such as the children's museums and zoos throughout Ohio.

Charity Givens

Charity Givens

Charity Givens has spent the past four years as part of the faculty at a private university in Lithuania where she taught first-year writing courses, expository writing, and a course on cultural theory and food. While in Lithuania, she also led teacher training workshops for local high school teachers using photo essays as means of building language and writing skills.  She has taught in high schools and tech schools prior to her international move. Her research interests include writing transfer, writing pedagogy, writing program administration, and second-language writing.

Emma Guthrie

Emma Guthrie (she/her/hers)

While on campus, Emma is typically spotted furiously reading, writing, teaching, or responding to e-mails, typically with a large cup of coffee in hand. The cold Ohio winters do not intimidate her, as she is used to winters that reach -30 in Bemidji, MN, her previous city. She received her MA in English from Bemidji State University, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Writing. In her free time (very rare) she enjoys painting, working out, and searching out good craft brews. Her research interests include Writing Center Work, Multimodal Composition and Pedagogy, and Social Media in the context of Writing Transfer

Kari Hanlin

Kari Hanlin

Kari Hanlin hails from a small town in West Virginia. She received her BA in English with a psychology minor from Waynesburg University and her MFA in fiction from BGSU. After a year of adjuncting at BGSU, she knew she wanted to continue her academic and research endeavors here. When she’s not chugging coffee in East Hall or at Grounds for Thought, you’ll find her reading and writing stories of all kinds, hanging out with her rescue dogs, Nettie and (Peter) Parker, and picking up yet another crafting hobby. 

Her research interests focus heavily on feminist rhetoric and revolution in Appalachia, but she also is interested in writing center pedagogy and integrating popular culture into first year composition classrooms.

Travis Hein

Travis Hein (he/him/his)

Travis Hein is from Terre Haute, Indiana. He holds a BS in Journalism, a BS in English, and a MA in English with a focus in Literature from Indiana State University. Prior to moving to Bowling Green, he worked as a lecturer at Indiana State University and as adjunct faculty at Ivy Tech Community College. When not in his office or the library studying and grading assignments, he likes to read, exercise, and watch movies.

East Hall

Adam Kuchta

Having earned his BA (English) MEd (Teaching & Learning) at The Ohio State University, Adam worked as a high school English teacher before pursuing his MA in Composition and Rhetoric at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Adam's research interests include the articulation and negotiation of class-based cultural rhetorics within and among members of families, the rhetorical practices of web-based Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOL) communities, composition historiography, and writing program administration. He has presented at the Conference on College Composition and Communication as well as the Council of Writing Program Administrators' Conference. Adam's spare time is divided between gaming, socializing, and watching popular television shows.

Morgan McDougall

Morgan McDougall (she/her/hers)

Morgan McDougall graduated with her B.S. in Education in 2016 before completing her M.A. in English with a specialization in Literary and Textual Studies, both at Bowling Green State University. She came into the Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Writing program because of the close connections it holds with the General Studies Writing program and the College of Education, as well as the for the opportunity to pursue her various research interests. She hopes to continue research and training concerning writing program administration, curriculum development, online teaching, and writing transfer.

Sherrel McLafferty

Sherrel McLafferty

Sherrel McLafferty is a forever falcon. She received her BFA in Creative Writing and her MFA in Poetry from BGSU. This unique experience means she has been a student of the very classes she has the pleasure of teaching. She loves the small town feel of Bowling Green and has made a home for herself, her husband, her cat, and dog. Outside of academics, Sherrel is an active literary citizen. He poetry has been published with Merrimack Review, Requited Journal, ArLiJo, and Notre Dame Review. She is also an editor for Pidgeonholes, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, and Split Lip Magazine.

Laura Menard

Laura Menard (she/her/hers)

Laura Menard is a native of Toledo, Ohio. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Bowling Green State University. She went on to earn a J.D. from The University of Toledo. After practicing bankruptcy law for a decade in Detroit, Michigan, she went back to school and earned her M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She taught English composition courses for 3 years before she found her way back to BGSU. She is married and a mother to 2 amazing daughters. She loves all things sci-fi, playing video games, reading, and can usually be seen with a coffee in her hand. Her research interests include feminist rhetoric in popular culture.  

Ran Meyer

Ran Meyer (he/him/his)

A Northwest Ohio native, Ran graduated from Tinora High School and, after military service, from The Defiance College, majoring in English and Secondary Education.  He holds a Ph.D. in English and a J.D., has practiced law as a litigation and education-law attorney for many years, and has taught college-level English for over two decades.  In his view, the ideal classroom is an active, student-centered community of learners and a democratic center of inquiry that fosters curiosity, openness, engagement, creativity, persistence, responsibility, flexibility, and metacognition.  A few of his non-academic pursuits include rescuing German Shepherds, gardening, coaching, wandering, and wondering.


Spencer Myers

Spencer Myers is a Ph.D. candidate in the rhetoric and writing program at Bowling Green State University and is a graduate teaching assistant in the University Writing Program (UWP). Spencer was born and raised in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. He received his bachelor's in English literature from Lock Haven University. After working in journalism for three years, Spencer moved to Erie, PA, where he worked as a teaching assistant at a Montessori school while getting his master’s in English at Gannon University. As an academic, Spencer is interested in game studies, human ecology, spatial rhetoric, and embodiment. He will talk about the writer Henri Lefebvre or the game Yume Nikki to anyone who is interested. He enjoys walking around and trying to guess at the age of buildings.


Michelle Tram Nguyen

Bio coming soon!

Bailey Poland

Bailey Poland (she/her/hers)

Bailey Poland earned her BA in Creative Writing from Ohio University and MA in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Findlay. She spent several years working as a marketing and brand strategy analyst for a global human resources corporation. While working on her MA, she wrote Haters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online, which discusses the online harassment and abuse of women. Her research interests include the history of rhetoric, feminist rhetorics, and digital rhetorics. Bailey is an avid cross-stitcher and enjoys hiking, video games and tabletop role-playing games, and coffee.

Tracy Ross

Tracy Ross

Tracy Ross received her Bachelor’s in English from Roosevelt University in Chicago and her graduate Education degree from Bemidji State MN. She is also a graduate of Augsburg University’s MFA program and is a published writer and poet. Currently her research interests are in the direction of machine intelligence, human intelligence, and how they relate in the realm of rhetorical studies and communication. Her teaching philosophy (transformative) is significantly influenced by her background in poetics and a passion for American Transcendentalism and the English Romantics before. She is a first year PhD student in the Rhetoric and Writing program.   

East Hall

Tim Snyder

Tim Snyder:

Born in a small, Up-State New York town. Graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with an AAS in Educational Sign Language interpreting; Graduate of SUNY Brockport: BA in English with a concentration in literature; MA in English with a creative thesis. Now a PhD candidate in rhetoric and writing. Writing instructor since 1996. Research interests include Writing Program Administration and Writing Across Curriculum. Creative writing interests include narrative and lyric poetry and creative non-fiction essay. Lives in a small house, in a small town, on a narrow street in North-West Ohio. Often found, after an Ohio straight-wind event, repairing the fence encircling his property.

Tammie Southall-Kaiser

Tammie Southall-Kaiser

Tammie is a fourth year graduate student in the Rhetoric and Writing program. She earned both her BA in German and her MA in TESOL at Cleveland State University. Prior to becoming an ESL instructor, English language examiner and trainer, Tammie taught EFL in Germany for 15 years. Her research interests include: writing assessment, rhetoric and composition, literacy studies, and second language acquisition.  

Kylie Stocker

Kylie Stocker (she/her/hers)

Kylie Stocker, an Ohio native, received her BA in English Education AYA and her Master of Humanities with a Concentration in English from Tiffin University. In her free time, Kylie likes to travel the world and learn about new cultures. Last summer she took a trip to England, Wales, and Ireland with her best friend by her side. Her favorite part about the trip was getting to see the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and dangle her feet over the edge of the cliffs (sorry mom). Kylie also currently works as a full time faculty member in the English Department at Tiffin University and teaches first year writing courses. Teaching and helping students has always been a passion of Kylie's and she cannot wait to further her education over the next few years as a PhD student at BGSU!

Brian Urias

Brian Urias (he/him/his)

Brian grew up in beautiful southwest Michigan and earned his MA in English at Andrews University. Just weeks later, he moved to South Korea, where he taught English as a second language for five years. In 2016, he returned to the US and Andrews University as an adjunct. His work in helping the university to update an online writing course inspired him to seek a PhD in rhetoric and composition. Brian's current academic interests include online writing instruction, writing program administration, and writing transfer. In his spare time, Brian enjoys playing board games (especially games with a strong narrative element), reading (especially fantasy and comic books), playing instruments (especially bass guitar), and baking (especially cupcakes).

Lena Ziegler

Lena Ziegler (she/her/hers)

Lena Ziegler is a native of Northeast Pennsylvania. She received her BA in Professional Writing from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2009 and spent five years meandering into adulthood while traveling, working, writing, and growing. In 2014 she moved to Tennessee to complete a year of national service with Americorps Vista focusing on hunger and homelessness in higher education settings. In summer 2017 she received her MFA in Creative Writing from Western Kentucky University with a dual concentration in fiction and creative nonfiction. She is the editor and co-founder of the literary journal The Hunger. She is the author of the fiction chapbook MASH, published in 2019 with The A3 Press. Her creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in Indiana Review, Split Lip Magazine, Dream Pop Press, Literary Orphans, Anti-Heroin Chic, The Flexible Persona, The Seventh Wave, Gambling the Aisle, Red Earth Review, Yes, Poetry, and others.  Her research interests include social justice pedagogy, political discourse, and sexuality and gender studies, sexual violence, rape culture, sex and kink positivity, and gender power differentials. Her dissertation will focus on the rhetoric of sex and consent. Beyond teaching and writing, she is passionate about animals, social justice, personal empowerment, language play and exploration, playing ukulele badly, and Bob Dylan.