Updated 06/01/2022
Note: Alumni, if you would like to update your information or can provide current information about those on this list, please contact the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Program Director.

Doctoral Program
Since its founding in 1980, the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Doctoral Program has been committed to preparing its graduates for faculty careers in rhetoric and composition.


Morgan Buchs

Dispositions and Dual Credit: A Study on Student Attitudes toward Writing

Assistant Professor-Educator at the University of Cincinnati with a primary focus on hybrid writing courses in the Composition program. 

Emma Guthrie

Constellating Graduate Students' Perceptions of the Impostor Phenomenon, Writing, and Mentoring

Director of ELG Consulting, Coaching, and Editorial Services and Student Success Specialist for the BGSU College of Business's Doctorate in Organization Development and Change program. 

Tim Snyder

Durable WAC : a sustainability study of two WAC programs at two, two-year colleges


Adam Kuchta

Reading Our Writing, Writing Our Reading: Threshold Concepts for Graduate-Level Reading in Composition

Collections Assistant, Piqua Public Library

Tammie Southall

Rhetorically interpreting Ohio Revised Law, Section 3345.281 : comparative analysis of two oral proficiency program models

Brandie Bohney

Force of Nurture: Influences on an Early-Career Secondary English Teacher's Writing Pedagogy

Literacy Consultant at North Central Ohio Educational Service Center

Bailey Lang  

"Nowhere is Straight Work More Effective": Women's Participation in Self-Culture

Owner of The Writing Desk, LLC

Lena Ziegler

A Revisionist History of Loving Men: An Autoethnography and Community Research of Naming Sexual Abuse in Relationships

Lecturer of English, Albright College (Reading, PA)

Brian Urias

Adapting Writing Transfer for Online Writing Courses: Instructor Practices and Student Perceptions

Instructor of English, Andrews University (Berrien Springs, MI)

Renee Drouin

"Fans are Going to See It Any Way They Want": The Rhetorics of the Voltron: Legendary Defender Fandom

Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Center for Writing Director, Norwich University (Northfield, VT)

Ran Meyer

Student Voices, Visions, Artistry, and Identity: The Effect on Transfer of Instructor Co-Inquiry and Co-Construction of Lower-Road Mindful Assessment Dispositions in a Post-Secondary First Year Writing Course


Darlene Johnston

Making Their Voices Heard: How Women in Kosovo Used Amplification to Ensure Representation in a Newly Created Democracy                                                                                                                 

Assistant Professor of English, Ohio Northern University (Ada, Ohio)

Jonathan Brownlee

Being and Otherness: Conceptualizing Embodiment in Africana Existentialist Discourse (The Bluest Eye, The Fire Next Time, and Black Skin, White Masks)                                                                 

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Indiana Tech (Fort Wayne, IN)                                   

Triauna Carey
The Revolution Will Be Spotified: A Rhetorical Analysis of Music as a Mode of Resistance in the 21st Century

Lecturer: Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas

Stephen Ohene-Larbi
Harnessing Multimodality in First-Year Composition Classrooms in Second Language (L2) Settings to Enhance Effective Writing

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Toledo


Sara Austin
By Any Other Name: (Mis)Understanding Transfer-Focused Feminist Pedagogy
Assistant Professor of English, AdventHealth University (Orlando, FL)

Lauren Garskie
Becomings of Space and Collaboration: Applying Design Thinking to a Study of Space and Collaboration in the Collab Lab
Assistant Professor, Gannon University (Erie, PA)

Kristin LaFollette
The Queer Art of Writing: (Re)Imagining Scholarship and Pedagogy Through Transgenre Composing
Assistant Professor of English, University of Southern Indiana (Evansville, IN)

Kelly Moreland
Rhetorical Embodied Performance in/as Writing Instruction: Practicing Identity and Lived Experience in TA Education

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Marshall Saenz
Networks of Interaction: Investigating Writing Course Design Through Fourth Generation Activity Theory and Principles of Play

Lecturer, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Lauren Salisbury
The Role of Space and Place: A Case Study of Students’ Experiences in Online First-Year Writing Courses (OFWYCs)

Instructor, Florida Atlantic University


Danielle Donelson
Theorizing a Settlers' Approach to Decolonial Pedagogy: Storying as Methodologies, Humbled, Rhetorical Listening and Awareness of Embodiment
Visiting Assistant Professor,
Pfeiffer University (Misenheimer, NC)

Nicholas Novosel
Teaching Them to Fish: Creative Nonfiction as a Toolkit for Transfer

Academic Advisor, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana)

Stephen Raulli
From Pro-Ana to Bikini Bridge: The Online Discourse of Eating Disorders

Joseph Robertshaw
The Phenomenon of Academic Labor in 21st Century Composition: A Heuristic For Textual Study
University of Alabama (Huntsville, AL)

Soha Youssef
International Teaching Assistant (ITA) training program at Bowling Green State University: Putting the needs of ITAs and the expectations of undergraduate native English-speaking students (NESSS) in conversation

Assistant Professor
Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA)


Caleb James
Learning to Teach Locally: A Case Study of Graduate Students' Teaching Philosophies and Classroom PracticesInstructor of Rhetoric and Writing

Assistant Professor of English, Rhetoric and Technical Communication, University of Maine at Augusta

Brianna Mauk
General Studies Writing Digital Communication at Bowling Green State University: To Web 2.0 or Not to Web 2.0

Copywriter, Wiley University Services (Louisville Kentucky)

Jeffrey Moore
Digital Literacy Practices of Second Language Students: A Student Perspective on Writing, Technology, and Privilege

Associate Professor of English: Howard Community College (Columbia, MD)

Adam Sprague
Analyzing the Feedback Preferences and Learning Styles of Second Language Students in ESOL Writing Courses at Bowling Green State University
Student Success Coordinator and Assistant Professor of English
Bellin College (Bellevue, WI)

Tiffany Richmond Wang
Devout Pedagogies: A Textual Analysis of Late Nineteenth Century Christian Women
Public Relations Manager
ResonanceGroupToledo, OH


Tina Arduini
Tools of Play: Developing a Pedagogical Framework for Gaming Literacy in the Multimodal Composition Classroom

Associate Professor of English and Composition Coordinator: Ferris State University (Big Rapids, MI)

Pauline Baird
Towards A Cultural Rhetorics Approach to Caribbean Rhetoric: African Guyanese Women from the Village of Buxton Transforming Oral History
Assistant Professor of English
University of Guam

April Conway
Practitioners of Earth: The Literacy Practices and Civic Rhetorics of Grassroots Cartographers and Writing Instructors  
Sweetland Center for Writing
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

Christine Garbett
Literacies in Context: Working-Class Deaf Adults
Humanities Division Chair
Western Wyoming Community College (Rock Springs, WY)

Aimee Taylor
Fat Cyborgs: Body Positive Activism, Shifting Rhetorics and Identity Politics in the Fatosphere
Writing Specialist
Clarke University (Dubuque, IA)


Megan Adams
Through Their Lenses: Examining Community-Sponsored Digital Literacy Practices in Appalachia
Recipient of 2015 Distinguished Dissertation Award
Assistant Professor of Communications
University of Findlay (Findlay, OH)

Estee Beck
Computer Algorithms as Persuasive Agents: The Rhetoricity of Algorithmic Surveillance within the Built Ecological Network
Assistant Professor of Professional/Technical Writing and Digital Humanities
The University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)

Shirley Faulkner-Springfield
Winifred O. Stone Presidential Scholar for Graduate Diversity
Claiming and Framing African American Male Ethos: Case Studies of the Literacy Practices of Two African American Male Writers
Assistant Professor/Coordinator of First-Year Writing
Virginia State University (Petersburg, VA)

Mariana Grohowski
At War with Words: Understanding U.S. Service-Personnel's Literate Practices for a Universal Design for Learning Worldview
Assistant Professor of English
Indiana University Southeast (New Albany, IN)

Ken Hayes
Socializing First Year Composition: A Study of Social Networking Sites' Impact on First Year Students
Assistant Professor of English & Writing Program Coordinator: Central State University (Wilberforce, OH)

Eden Leone
Rhetorical Inquiry: Feminist Argumentative Modes and Expectations in Detective Fiction
Mitchell Hamline School of Law (St. Paul, MN)

Craig Olsen
New at Barnes and Noble: An Argument for More Public Based Scholarship in Rhetoric and Composition Studies
Assistant Professor
University of Arkansas Monticello (Monticello, AR)


Laural Adams 
Theorizing Mental Models in Disciplinary Writing Ecologies through Scholarship, Talk-Aloud Protocols, and Semi-Structured Interviews
Instructor, School of Business
Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)

Amira Akl
Multimodal Expressions of Young Arab Muslim American Women
Instructor of English
Tennessee Technological University (Cookeville, TN)

Amanda Athon Hemmerling
Fostering Language Diversity through Classroom-Based Assessment Practices
Assistant Professor of English
Governors State University (Chicago, IL)

Matt Bridgewater
What Hath Mobiles Wrought? Smartphone and Tablet Multiliteracies and Their Implications for Writing as Process
Assistant Professor of Writing & Assistant Chair
Woodbury University (Burbank, CA)

Kent Lenz
The Semiotics, Practical Application, and Assessment of the Modalities
Assistant Professor of English
Del Mar College (Corpus Christi, TX)

Deborah Morris
Reconsidering Teacher Commentary as Interactive and Collaborative Dialogue: Implications for Student Writing and Revising
Instructor of English
Ivy Tech Community College (Fort Wayne, IN)

Heather Pristash
A Sharper Point: A Feminist, Multimodal Heuristic for Analyzing Knitted Rhetoric
Assistant Professor of Composition
Western Wyoming Community College (Rock Springs, WY)

Michael Salitrynski
Teaching People, Not Writing: Civic Education & Critical Pedagogies in the Multimodal Writing Classroom
Assistant Professor of English and Philosophy
Snow College (Ephriam, UT)

Martha Schaffer
Affective Possibilities for Rhetoric and Writing: How We Might Self-Assess Potentiality in Composition
Lecturer & Director of Writing Foundations
Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)

Heather Trahan
Relationship Literacy and Polyamory: A Queer Approach
Independent Scholar


G. Bret Bowers
Post-Literacy: Designing Writing Curricula around Emerging Literate Activities
Assistant Professor of English
University of Arkansas, Fort Smith (Fort Smith, AR)

Kerri Hauman
Community-Sponsored Literate Activity and Technofeminism: Ethnographic Inquiry of Feministing
Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, & Communication
Transylvania University (Lexington, KY)

Stacy Kastner
Identity Chats: Co-Authorized Narratives and the Performance of Writerly Selves in Mass-Multiliterate Times
Associate Director of the Writing Center
Brown University (Providence, RI)

Jeff Kirchoff
Writing Centers as Literacy Sponsors in the 21st Century: Investigating Multiliteracy Center Theory and Practice
Associate Dean of English, Communication, and Media Studies
Kirkwood Community College (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Alison Witte
Preaching and Technology: A study of Attitudes and Practices

Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction: University of Dayton, OH


Katherine Fredlund
"Among Ourselves:" The Collaborative Rhetorics of Nineteenth Century Ladies' Literary Societies
Director of First Year Writing
Memphis State University (Memphis, TN)

Jie Li
Process and PostProcess in China's Educational Context
Assistant Professor of English
Xi’an International Studies University (Xi’an, Shaanxi, China)

Krista Petrosino Barber
Some (Still) Like it Hot: Re-envisioning Transdisciplinarity and Collaboration in First Year Composition and Jazz
Assistant Professor of English
Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, GA)

Shawn Ramsey
Deliberative Rhetoric in the Twelfth Century: The Case for Eleanor of Aquitaine, Noblewomen, and the Ars Dictaminis
Arkansas State University (Jonesboro, AR)


Suzan Aiken
Silence as a Rhetor's Tool: Rhetorical Choices for and uses of Silence 
Robert Half International (Columbus, OH)

Emily J. Beard
First-Generation College Students Transitioning to Graduate Teachers of Writing: A Proposed First-Generation Pedagogy
Associate Professor of English and First Year Writing Coordinator
Saginaw Valley State University (University Center, MI)

Toby F. Coley
Digital Media Ethics in the Writing Classroom
Assistant Professor of English
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (Belton, TX)

Vanessa Cozza
Winifred O. Stone Presidential Scholar for Graduate Diversity
Latino/as in Higher Education: Modes of Accommodation in First-Year Writing Programs
Assistant Professor of English
Washington State University Tri-Cities (Richland, WA)

Joe Erickson
Composing Rhetoric and Composition Program Websites: A Situated Study and a Heuristic Model
Assistant Professor of English
Anoka-Ramsey Community College (Coon Rapids, MN)

Bobby Kuechenmeister
Answering the Call of Duty: Composition Pedagogy Problems, Multimodal Solutions, and Gaming Literacies
Call Center
Radial Corporation (Eau Clair, WI)

Yvonne Schultz
Remediating Rhetorical Room at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair: Lucy Stone, Mary Cassatt, and Ida B. Wells
Associate Vice President for Academic Administration
Mount Vernon Nazarene University (Mount Vernon, OH)


Stephanie Anderson Quinn
Preparing Doctoral Students in Rhetoric and Composition for Faculty Careers that Contribute to the Public Good
Associate Professor
McKendree University (Lebanon, IL)

Elizabeth L. Church
Epideictic Without the Praise: A Heuristic Analysis for Rhetoric of Blame 
Editor, Rossford Record Journal

Brittany Cottrill
Transitioning to E-Portfolios in a First-Year Writing Program
Associate Professor of English
Grand View University (Des Moines, IA)

Cheryl Hoy
The Adult Learner in the Online Writing Course
Lecturer of General Studies Writing
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Meredith Graupner Hurley
Remediating the Professionalization of Doctoral Students in Rhetoric and Composition
Writer and Computer Software Consultant (San Francisco, CA)

Erin Dietel-McLaughlin
Remediating Democracy: Youtube and the Vernacular Rhetorics of Web 2.0
Associate Teaching Professor
University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN)

Jeremy Schnieder
Placing One Program's Assessment and Its Effects on a Novice Teacher
Assistant Director of Preparing Future Faculty
Claremont Graduate University (Claremont, CA)

Ruijie Zhao
Weaving Web 2.0 and the Writing Process with Feminist Pedagogy
Associate Professor of English
Parkland College (Champaign, IL)


Heather Fester
Rhetoric and the Scholarship of Engagement: Pragmatic, Professional, and Ethical Convergences
Assistant Professor & WAC Director
Lincoln University (Jefferson, MO)

Elizabeth Fleitz
The Multimodal Kitchen: Cookbooks as Women's Rhetorical Practice
Associate Professor of English
Lindenwood University (St. Charles, MO)

Robert Graves
The Art of Heterotopian Rhetoric: A Theory of Science Fiction as Rhetorical Discourse
Mitigation Specialist
Texas Regional Public Defender for Capital Cases (Wichita Falls, TX)

Amie Caroline Wolf
Preparation of Graduate Assistants Teaching First-Year Writing at Ohio Universities
Senior Lecturer
The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)


Jennifer Marie Almjeld
The Girls of MySpace: New Media as Gendered Literacy Practice and Identity Construction
Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication
James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA)

Florence Elizabeth Bacabac
From Cyberspace to Print: Re-Examining the Effects of Collaborative Online Invention on First-Year Academic Writing
Associate Professor & Director, Women's Resource Center
Dixie State University (St. George, UT)

Christine Peters Cucciarre
Audience Matters: Exploring Audience in Undergraduate Creative Writing
Associate Professor & Associate Director of Composition
University of Delaware (Newark, DE)

Erin Laverick
Feminist and other Intertwining Pedagogies of Writing Instruction in the University of Findlay's Intensive English Language Program
Concordia University (Ann Arbor, MI)

Ann-Gee Lee
Female Fabrications: An Examination of the Public and Private Aspects of Nüshu
Associate Professor of English
University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (Fort Smith, AR)

Sergey Rybas
Community Revisited: Involving the Subjectivity of the Online Learner
Associate Professor of English
Capitol University (Columbus, OH)

James Schirmer
Acquiring Literacy: Techne, Video Games and Composition Pedagogy
Associate Professor of English & Department Chair
University of Michigan-Flint (Flint, MI)


Christine M. Denecker
Toward Seamless Transition? Dual Enrollment and the Composition Classroom
Professor of English, Chair of the English Department, & Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence
The University of Findlay (Findlay, OH)

Robin Murphy
Post-9/11 Rhetorical Theory and Composition Pedagogy: Fostering Trauma Rhetorics as Civic Space
Associate Professor of English
East Central University (Ada, OK)

Lucie Shetzer
Confronting Aging and Serious Illness through Journaling: A Study of Writing as Therapy
Assistant Professor
Owens Community College-Toledo (Toledo, OH)

Eric W. Stalions
Dynamic Criteria Mapping: A Study of the Rhetorical Values of Placement Evaluators
Associate Professor & Director of Intensive English Program
Martin Methodist College (Pulaski, TN)

Thai Tran (Retired)
Indirectness in Vietnamese Newspaper Commentaries: A Pilot Study
An Giang University (Long Xuyēn, Vietnam)

Angela Wallington Zimmann
Turning the Noose that Binds into a Rope to Climb: A Textual Search for Rhetorical and Linguistic Gender-Markings in Speech Samples of Three Contemporary Female Orators
Visiting Professor of Preaching & Advancement and Communication Executive
Lutheran Theological Seminary (Gettysburg, PA)


Alex Mwangi Chege
"Old Wine" and "New Wineskins" (De)Colonizing Literacy in Kenya's Higher Education
Assistant Professor of English
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash (Blue Ash, OH)

Richard J. Colby
Computers, Composition and Context: Narratives of Pedagogy and Technology Outside the Computers and Writing Community
University of Denver (Denver, CO)

Christopher Harris
First-Year Composition Handbooks: Buffering the Winds of Change
Assistant Professor
California State University (Los Angeles, CA)

Brent Royster
The Construction of Self in the Contemporary Creative Writing Workshop: A Personal Journey
Assistant Professor of Developmental Studies-Writing
Central Texas College (Killeen, TX)

Rebekah Shultz Colby
Resistance as Negotiation: Strategies and Tactics for Redefining Power Relationships in the Composition Classroom
University of Denver (Denver, CO)

Brennan Thomas
Composition Studies and Teaching Anxiety: A Pilot Study of Teaching Groups and Discipline- and Program-Specific Triggers
Associate Professor of English
St. Francis University (Loretto, PA)


Holly Baumgartner
Visualizing Levinas: Existence and Existents Through Mulholland Drive, Memento, and Vanilla Sky 
Professor of English & Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Lourdes University (Sylvania, OH)

Lanette Cadle
A Public View of Private Writing: Personal Weblogs and Adolescent Girls
Professor of English
Missouri State University (Springfield, MO)

Mona Dunckel (Deceased)
Re-Vision: A Rhetorical Analysis of Change in the Holocaust Memorial Center
Chair, Division of Social Sciences Bob Jones University (Greenville, SC)

Karen Rowe
Painted Sermons: Explanatory Rhetoric and William Holman Hunt's Inscribed Frames
Associate Professor of English
Bob Jones University (Greenville, SC)

Inez Schaechterle
Speaking of Sex: The Rhetorical Strategies of Frances Willard, Victoria Woodhull, and Ida Craddock
Recipient of 2005 Distinguished Dissertation Award
Associate Professor of Composition
Northland Pioneer College (Painted Desert, AZ)


Paul Casey (Deceased)
Moments of Reconciliation: Kairos in Theory and Praxis
Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric
Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)

Cynthia Mahaffey
Wearing the Rainbow Triangle: The Effect of Out Lesbian Teachers and Lesbian Teacher Subjectivities on Student Choice of Topics, Student Writing, and Student Subject Positions in the First-Year Composition Classroom
Lecturer of General Studies Writing
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Elizabeth Monske
Transitioning into the Fully Online Writing Course: A Pilot Study
Professor of English
Northern Michigan University (Marquette, MI)

Thai Tran
Winifred O. Stone Presidential Scholar for Graduate Diversity
Professor of English
An Giang University (Long Xuyen, Vietnam)


Paul A. Cesarini
Toward a New Literacy: Technology, Policy, and Control
Professor & Assistant Vice Provost Online and Summer Academic Program
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Julie Kearney
Winifred O. Stone Presidential Scholar for Graduate Diversity
The Potential for Expressive and Therapeutic Writing Outcomes in the Basic Communication Course at Denver University, 1939--1950
Associate Professor of English
Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Bourne, MA)

Doreen Piano
Congregating Women: Reading the Rhetorical Arts of Third Wave Subcultural Production
Associate Professor of English
University of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)


Josephine Booth Foster
This is Not Your Mother's Education: The Need for Hypertext Writing in First-Year Composition
Professor of English
Armstrong Atlantic State University (Savannah, GA)

Randall W. McClure
Authority as a Tension in the College Composition Classroom: Making the Case for a Teacher-Centered, Student-Focused Pedagogy
Associate Professor of English
Pfeiffer University (Meisenheimer NC)

Russell Sprinkle
Written Commentary and Reflective Teaching: A Systematic, Theory-Based Approach to Response
Writing Center Tutor
Owens Community College-Toledo (Toledo, OH)

Barbara Toth
The Rhetoric, Writing, and Action in Context of Teresa of Avila: An Appraisal
Retired, Director of Writing Center
Part-Time Instructor of English and General Studies Writing
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Christine Tulley
Removing the Mask of Silence: Building Female Self-Esteem in the Junior High Writing Classroom Using the Cybergrrl Project
Professor of English, Director of Masters in Rhetoric & Writing, & the Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Liaison
The University of Findlay (Findlay, OH)


Edward Karshner
Representation, Interpretation, Writing: A Phenomenological Approach to Composition
Director, Communication Intensive Courses and Associate Professor of English
Robert Morris University (Moon, PA)

John Mauk
Writing in Place: A Story of Geography and Composition Pedagogy
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Miami University (Oxford, OH)


Scott Calhoun
The Classical Trivium in Contemporary Contexts: Receptions and Re-Formations of an Ancient Model of Schooling
Professor of English
Cedarville University (Cedarville, OH)

Jai Hee Cho
A Study of Contrastive Rhetoric between East Asian and North American Cultures as Demonstrated through Student Expository Essays from Korea and the United States
Part-time Faculty
California State University – Fullerton (Fullerton, CA)

Keith Duffy
The Role of Spirituality in Re-Envisioning Writing Pedagogy
Associate Professor of English
Penn State Harrisburg (Middletown, PA)

Richard Miller
The Rehabilitating Role of Martin Buber's I-Thou Relationship in Rhetoric and Composition Studies
Associate Professor of English & Director of Writing
Suffolk University (Boston, MA)

Michael Ryan
Words Signifying Light: The Rhetorical Figures as a Prism of Illumination in St. Augustine's "Confessions"
Instructor of English
Terra Community College (Fremont, OH)

Avis Rupert
Ethnography and Ethnographic-Like Approaches in the Composition and Language Arts Classroom: A Guide to Student Instruction
Professor of English
North Lake College (Irving, TX)

Paul A. Tanner
Embedded Assessment and Writing: Potentials of Portfolio-Based Testing as a Response to Mandated Assessment in Higher Education
Professor of English
Utah Valley University (Orem, UT)

Joseph Wilferth
Toward Literacy in a New Medium: Hypertext Writing and Composition Pedagogy
Professor & Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN)


Brad Barry
Writer Motivation, Rhetorical Purpose and Classroom Web Publication Projects
1998 Distinguished Dissertation Award, Honorable Mention
Professor of English
Dixie State University (St. George, UT)

Kitty S. C. Burroughs
Diversifying Models of Audience: Gendering the Relationship between Author and Audience in Written Communication
Senior Lecturer of General Studies Writing
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Guo Danquing
Metaphor in Context: Toward a Tagmemic Linguistic Approach

John R. Delbridge (Deceased)
Partners or Patriarchs? Promise Keepers and the Rhetoric of Gender Reconciliation
Associate Professor of English
Tacoma Community College (Tacoma, Washington)

John J. Fallon
The Impact of Inservice Teacher Training on the Writing of 879 High School Juniors in Five West Central Ohio Counties
Professor & Chair, Department of Humanities
Rhodes State College (Lima, OH)

Billie J. Jones
The Rhetoricity of Museum Design: An Analysis of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a Rhetorical Text
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Writing
James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA)

Barbara Little Liu
Winifred O. Stone Presidential Scholar for Graduate Diversity
Meeting the Needs of Diverse Students in Institutions of Diversity: A Genre Process Approach to College Writing Instruction
Professor of Composition & Rhetoric, Director of the Liberal Studies Major, & Acting Coordinator of the First Year Writing Program
Eastern Connecticut State University (Willimantic, CT)

Teresa Murden
Technological Literacy: Historical Perspectives on Literacy in American Law, Legislation, and Public Policy
Assistant Professor of English
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Brownsville, TX)

Timothy Ray
Troubling the Technology: Exploring Issues of Community and Diversity in the Network-Supported First-Year Composition Classroom
Associate Professor of English & Assistant Chair
West Chester University of Pennsylvania (West Chester, PA)

Rosalee Stilwell
Ethos in the Reflective Voice of James Morris Associate
Associate Professor of English
Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Punxsutawney, PA)

Xuewei Wu
Writing Across Culture: An American Woman Writing her Life in China (1912-1926): A Rhetorical Analysis of Grace McClurg Carson's Archival Collections
Professor of English
Century College (St. Paul, MN)


Carolyn Keefe (Deceased)
On the Road: Exploring Travel and Travel Writing in Composition Studies
Emeritus Associate Professor of English
Lindsey Wilson College (Columbia, KY)

Alan I. Rea, Jr.
Practicing Informed Writing Pedagogy in the Computerized Classroom: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk
Professor of English
Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)

Christine Shearer-Cremean
(Re)Constructing the Scene of a Crime: A Descriptive Taxonomy of Police Reports on Conjugal Violence Against Women
Dean, College of Education, Arts & Sciences and Education
Montana State University-Northern (Havre, MT)

Sharon Strand (Retired)
Reporting Writing Center Successes: Authentic Assessment in the Writing Center
English Department, Black Hills State University (Spearfish, SD)


Steven D. Krause
The Immediacy of Rhetoric: Definitions, Illustrations, and Implications
Professor of English
Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI)

Michael C. Morgan
Student Rhetorical Interaction in an E-mail Conference: A Case Study of a First-Year Writing Course
Professor of English
Bemidji State University (Bemidji, MN)


John Michael Clark (Retired)
Cognitive Apprenticeship, Motivation, and College Writing: Theoretical and Pedagogical Considerations

Director of Student and Information Services
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Priscilla Riggle
A Critique of College-Level Writing Placement Procedures: A Case Study of the Reading Practices of Four Evaluators
Professor of English
Truman State University (Kirksville, MO)

Yan Xiao-Tong
Cohesion and Online Documentation


Donna Nelson-Beene
Portfolio Assessment as a Tool for Training Composition Instructors: A Consideration of the Model Implemented by the General Studies Writing Program at Bowling Green State University
Director, BG Perspective (General Education) & Associate Professor of English
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Virginia (Ginny) Skinner-Linnenberg
Dramatizing Writing: Reinstating Delivery in the Classroom
Professor & Director of Communication and Media Program
Nazareth College (Rochester, NY)


Phyllis L. Eck
The Process in Revision: One Writing Program's Challenges and Changes, 1960-1990


Gail Shanely Corso
How to "Let them Write-Together": The Effects of Social Styles on Written Products of College Entry-Level Collaborative Writers
Professor of English
Neumann University (Aston, PA)

Mark Delmaramo
Microcomputers and the Writing Process: A Survey and Critique
Professor of English
Thiel College (Greenville, PA)

Marjory Kinney (Deceased)
Writing in the Disciplines: The Use of Writing in the Undergraduate Sociology Curriculum at Bowling Green State University


Louise Golden
What's not Right with Writing: The Effects of Grammar Instruction and Writing Apprehension on the Composing Processes of Basic Writers at the American State College
Chair of English
Savannah Technical College (Savannah, GA)

Craig Hergert
Towards a Rhetoric of Satire: The Interaction between Reader and Satiric Text
Professor of English
Minnesota Community and Technical College

Peter Schreffler
Caught between Two Worlds: The Spiritual Predicament and Rhetorical Ambivalence of Garrison Keillor
Associate Professor of English & Department Chair
Florida Southern College (Lakeland, FL)


Janet Auten
The Text in the Margin: A Theoretical Analysis of Teacher Commentary on Student Writing
Director, Writing Center
American University (Washington, DC)

Rex Easley
Common Ground: Fiction-writing and Composition Associate
Professor of English
Thomas More College (Crestview Hills, KY)

James Martin
Towards a Theory of Textuality for Contrastive Rhetoric Research
Professor of English
Mount Ida College (Newton, MA)

Lynnette Porter
Technical Writing with Computers: A Study of the Documentation-Production Processes of Technical Communicators in Industry
Professor of English
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, FL)


Donna R. Cheney
Teaching Basic Writing: Synthesizing Divergent Elements of Who We Teach, What We Teach, and How We Teach
Professor of English
Weber State University (Ogden, UT)

Robb Jackson (Deceased)
Regents Professor of English
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, TX)

Vanessa Furse Jackson (Retired)
Professor of English
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, TX)


John Cullen
The Ordinary Self and the Maker of Images: An Introduction to Headhunting
Professor of English
Ferris State University (Big Rapids, MI)

Roxanne Cullen
Toward A Pedagogy of Rewriting (Composition Theory)
Professor of English
Ferris State University (Big Rapids, MI)

MA Program
In the 1990s and as a complement to the doctoral program in Rhetoric and Writing, a small MA program in Rhetoric was offered. The Rhetoric faculty decided to discontinue the MA program in order to expand admissions into and curriculum for the doctoral program.


Angela Haas
Associate Professor of English
Illinois State University (Normal, IL)

Scott D. Calhoun
“Why Should We Go to School, St. Basil?” A Rhetorical Study of St. Basil the Great’s Attitude toward Education in Late Antiquity
Professor of English
Cedarville University (Cedarville, OH)

Elizabeth D. Saneholz
Silence as a Potentially Positive Rhetorical Strategy: Exploring Examples from Women’s Writing and Chinese Rhetoric
Secretary, First Presbyterian Church (Waterville, OH)


Billie Jones Waisanen
Why Tell? An Examination of the Motivations and Benefits of Narrative Construction by Holocaust Victims
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Writing
James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA)

Ann Westrick
Lecturer of General Studies Writing
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)


Bill Hart-Davidson
Professor of English & Associate Dean for Graduate Education
Michigan State University (Lansing MI)

Stephanie Stalmah
Responding to Student Writing
Program Director & Institute for Career Development (Valparaiso, IN)

Sylvia Cunningham
Teaching the Reluctant Writer:  African-American Males and School Writing.


Michael “Mick” Doherty (Deceased)
Cyberwrite and Audience Accessed: Kairos Comes Online in the Composition Classroom
Founding Editor of the journal Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy
For more about Mick and about his influence on the digital turn in the field of rhetoric and writing, please click here:

Teresa Toritsky
Academic Advisor, Opportunity Office
St. Vincent College (Latrobe, PA)


John Clark
Consensus, Dialectic and Progress: “Normal Science” in Theoretical Approaches to the Teaching of Writing
Director of Student and Information Services
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Paul Tanner
Homework in the Halls: Student Social Practices and Academic Performance
Professor of English
Utah Valley University (Orem, UT)


Ben Kolt
Helping Secondary Basic Writers with Alternative Styles for Writing
Director of Client Experience
IBM Watson Health (Cleveland, OH)

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