Mick Doherty Kairos Scholarship

Mick Doherty Kairos Scholarship

About the Mick Doherty Kairos Scholarship

The Mick Doherty Kairos Scholarship was established to help provide educational expenses for Graduate Assistants in the Rhetoric and Writing Doctoral Program. The scholarship was initiated by Mick’s parents, Michael and Dot Doherty. As one of the founders of the web journal Kairos, Mick gave great attention to selecting as its name a concept from ancient rhetorical theory that highlights the need of a speaker to seize the moment, to act at the critical time, to understand all of the situational contexts, ultimately to voice what needs to be said in the right way to the right audience at the right moment.

With a BA in Education and an MA in Rhetoric from Bowling Green State University, Mick was scholar, rhetor, and teacher in all his endeavors. Mick's thesis was titled, "Cyberwrite and Audience Accessed: Kairos Comes Online in the Composition Classroom." You can learn more about Mick's life, career, and passion for the concept of kairos through colleagues' tributes. It is fitting, then, that this scholarship recognizes effectiveness, resourcefulness, creativity, and passion for teaching among doctoral students in Rhetoric & Writing in the English Department at Bowling Green State University. One scholarship will be awarded annually to a second or third year student in the program.

Award Criteria

To be eligible for the Mick Doherty Kairos Award, applicants must:

  • Hold a Graduate Teaching Assistantship within the Rhetoric and Writing Doctoral Program
  • Provide current CV
  • Provide current graduate GPA at BGSU
  • Provide evidence of extraordinary professional potential in teaching through a faculty recommendation letter

Application materials for the scholarship can be sent to Jeanne Berry (jberry@bgsu.edu). The Spring 2020 deadline for submitting materials is Monday, March 2 at 4:45 PM.


2019-2020 award winner: Ran Meyer

2018-2019 inaugural award winner: Jonathan Brownlee