Students had successful year of publications

Several of the Rhetoric and Writing students were successful at having their work published in various rhetoric and writing publications during the past academic year. 

Kristen LaFollette had poetry published in Turk’s Head Review, West Trade Review and Vagabonds and fiction forthcoming from Two Cities Review. Her artwork was featured on the cover for Pretty Owl Poetry and in Plath Profiles: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Sylvia Plath Studies. She also has other artwork forthcoming in Spry Literary Journal.

Darlene Johnston had a multimodel review published in Computers and Composition Online. The review of McKee & DeVoss’s Digital Writing Assessment and Evaluation can be found alongside a review by Soha Yousef of the Timeline JS programs and a review written by Joseph Robertshaw of Laurie Greis’ Still Life with Rhetoric.

Tina Arduini published a multimodal project with the Scholar Electric at CCDP: “Multimodal Editing: An Interview with Stephanie Vie.”

Adam Sprague has had poems published this year in Inwood Indiana, Yellow Chair Review, Tanka Journal and two more in Haiku Journal. Stephen Raulli also had two poems published this year: one in Bridge Eight, and the other in Razor Literary Magazine. Danielle Donelson published an article in the Ohio Journal of English and Language Arts.

Updated: 01/22/2020 02:28PM