Time Frame

Applications will be considered only for events that meet the following deadlines. Below is a chart of submission and event deadlines for the spring 2017 semester; applications submitted well in advance of the planned event are strongly encouraged.

9/15/18 9/10/18 6/15/19 6/30/19
9/15/18 10/15/18 10/1/18 6/15/19 6/30/19
10/15/18 11/15/18 11/1/18 6/15/19 6/30/19
11/15/18 12/15/18 12/1/18 6/15/19 6/30/19
2/1/19 3/1/19 2/15/19 6/15/19 6/30/19
3/1/19 4/1/19 3/15/19 6/15/19 6/30/19
4/15/19 7/15/19 5/1/19 12/15/19 12/30/19

If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, then ECAP will accept applications until 5:00 p.m. on the next business day.

Funding will NOT be provided for:

  • Requests for artists’ fees when information about the artists and samples of the artists’ work have not been included in the support materials.
  • Hospitality expenses, such as food and beverages for openings, receptions or benefits.
  • Fund raising efforts, such as social events or entrepreneurial activities.
  • Applications from organizations that have not submitted final reports for the preceding fiscal year.
  • Equipment, supplies, materials or assistance normally obtained through University, College, or Department budgets
  • Programming that would normally occur within a particular University unit
  • Events that have taken place prior to the specified time frame or that have already occurred.
  • Applications for projects that primarily present political, denominational, religious or sectarian ideas, or projects that enhance the property of religious institutions.
  • Arts activities that are essentially recreational, therapeutic or vocational.
  • BGSU student employment, faculty salaries, or release time
  • Interest expenses paid on loans or debts.
  • Scholarship assistance for academic credit.
  • Applications for projects primarily for academic credit.
  • Applications for travel by applicant.


Arts: any project that features performances or exhibitions that include but are not limited to theatre, folk and traditional arts, design arts, media arts, visual arts and crafts, music, literature, and dance.

Ethnic: a project that focuses on cultural diversity and awareness, especially those foregrounding the work of underrepresented ethnic groups in the United States such as African Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans, as well as marginalized groups traditionally defined by language, customs, or social views.

Ethnic Arts consists of performances or exhibitions as described above that directly address the identities and concerns of such groups.